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Need an advice


Hi girls, is this thermometer good? Any one used this.just want make sure it’s accurate.

Hope you all are ok xx

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Hi Anna, how much is that one? I got one from eBay for about £4, worked perfectly fine. And you get the tracking chart with it. I just ask how much it is as I know clear blue do one which is terribly expensive and does the same as all the others! They do try to rip us off with all these products 😯

Anna00 in reply to Lilli79

Hi Lilli! It’s near £10 in boots think it was £9.89. I didn’t get it as I wasn’t sure. I know clear blue it’s very expensive!! What should I search in eBay? Xx

Lilli79 in reply to Anna00

Hi Anna it's called a basal thermometer. The one I got was the one step brand. It should say conception ovulation etc in the description. I think the thermometer is about £3.99 and then you could get a deal with ovulation strips and pg tests for about £6.99 which is what I got xx

Anna00 in reply to Lilli79

Great! Thanks for your help Lillie xxx

You need a, bbt thermometer hun not a normal one xxx

Ah yeah only just noticed that! The one I got on eBay was ovulation tracking one x

I got mine on eBay too their cheap enough xx

Really! What is bbt? I couldn’t find any thermometer they all are the same as this one. What should I search on eBay? xxx

Basal body temp xxx I'll find you a link now xx

Thanks for your help lovely, I’ll search now xxx

Type in basal body thermometer in eBay xxx can't link it my eBay will come up xxx

I got one on ebay too and cheap!xx

Anna00 in reply to Cinderella5

Guess I should get mine from eBay😊 xx


Hi Anna00. That should be fine. Diane

Anna00 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane x

Hiyah. Yes you need one that shows 2 decimal places x x

Anna00 in reply to Caroliono4

Hi lovely, where can I get that? xx

Caroliono4 in reply to Anna00

Hello Anna. I think I ordered it from an online medical store but unfortunately I can't remember the name.

Anna00 in reply to Caroliono4

Thanks Caroliono xx

I got a basal base thermometer from amazon for about £4 or £5 xx

Anna00 in reply to Tugsgirl

Really! Glad I didn’t get this one xx

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