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We got the call!


So the embryologist just called and out of our 6 frozen DE 5 have fertilised! Super happy and will hold onto this until transfer on Saturday where I will have another breakdown on if there’s one good enough to put back!!!! Xx

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That’s fab news!! I’m just awaiting the call to see if my one and only frostie has thawed 🤞it’s soo nerve wracking!! xx

Aleelilook in reply to Lou7744

Ah keeping my fingers crossed!!🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 it really is! Xxx

Whoop! That should be good enough. Fingers crossed for you over the next few days x

Aleelilook in reply to SnottyCow

Thank you lovely, just 5 days to get through!!!! Xxx

SnottyCow in reply to Aleelilook

😂😂 and the rest!

Woo hoo great news....Ive been watching for your update!! Fingers crossed for the next update!xx

Thanks lovely, I’ve asked them to phone me Saturday morning first thing before I go for acupuncture to reassure me there’s one to pop back in! As I have it under sedation it’s an early start, which gives me longer to have a meltdown!!! I’ll keep you posted!! Xxxx

Will you not get a day 3 update or does your clinic not do that? Ahhh that's interesting, my clinic are thinking along the lines of sedation for me on my next transfer....do you suffer from tricky transfers? What does your clinic do, is it an injection beforehand or tablets for you?xx

My clinic will only transfer day 5 blastocysts so they don’t like to check them, which is stressful! I can’t have any internals for mental not physical reasons, so no internal scans or anything! I have the same level of sedation as I would for EC, so nil by mouth the night before, then they give me an IV of fluids to fill my bladder, and then an IV of the good drugs that knock me out!!! Xx

Oh yeah that is some wait....its only 5 days but feels like an absolute age!!

I see, that's helpful though thanks! Best of luck for Sat, will look out for your post. Positive thoughts now, grow little embies...grow!!xx

Brilliant! Thats great 💞 best of luck for transfer xx

Aleelilook in reply to TTCs

Thank you so much! Xxx

Great news, fingers crossed for you!! 🤞🏻xx

Aleelilook in reply to Leo2017

Thank you!!! Xxx

That’s a fantastic fertilisation rate! Brilliant news. Another massive hurdle cleared for you 😘 x

Aleelilook in reply to Dunla

Thank you so much! Xx

Brilliant news, congratulations!! Fingers crossed for the next few days xx

Aleelilook in reply to oharal

🤞🏻🤞🏻thank you! Xxx

That’s brilliant news! Keeping everything crossed for Saturday xx

Aleelilook in reply to E_05

Thank you!! Xxx

Wow great news xxx all the best for you


Awesome news! 😘😘 Now for the glorious 5 day wait (!) and transfer!!! 😘😘

Aleelilook in reply to Hidden

Haha! Thank you, time seems to slow down........

Hidden in reply to Aleelilook

It does it on purpose I think!! Then the worst is the 2WW, that’s just evil!! We are a couple of weeks behind you, just waiting for the call about our fresh DE cycle and when my husband has to make his ‘offering’ 🤭😂🤣

Aleelilook in reply to Hidden

Offering!😂😂😂 well good luck lovely! Yes the 2ww is particularly evil, just need to make sure we get to the 2ww this time!!!! Aghhhhh my mind is on overdrive! Xx

That’s an amazing result- congrats. It’s such a nerve racking process but hopefully it will be worth it in the end! Hang in there lovely and sending you so much luck and love xxx

Thank you so much!☺️ my nerves are shot to pieces!!! Xxx

Sounds really promising 🤞 xx

Aleelilook in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you xx


Good luck to you. Hope all goes well xc

Aleelilook in reply to Hidden

Thank you! Xx

Great news so far xx

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