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Egg Retrieval Stim Meds

My IVF journey has included twists and turns I could have never predicted. We ended up with extra stimulation meds for an IVF Egg Retrieval cycle (and then decided with our doctor that it was best to not do the additional Egg Retrieval that we were going to attempt)...which leaves me with extra meds that I would like to pass on (at a super discount - I just want them to be used!) to someone else on their journey. Email me elisabethannecarey@gmail.com if you're interested or just want to chat about your journey. Sending hugs!

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Hi Humbled123. I must say, I hate the thought of fertility drugs being wasted, especially if a patient has been responsible for keeping their drugs, and of course, to the best of their knowledge, they will have been kept in conditions recommended by the manufacturer.

According to the Department of Health "Medicines Control Agency", it is illegal for a patient to sell or supply prescription only or pharmacy only medicines for another patient. They can only be supplied under the supervision of a pharmacist and if "prescription only", against a doctor's prescription. If the doctor or pharmacist wishes to re-use medicines, the law does not prohibit it, but under their "Code of Ethics", pharmacists must not consider reusing any medicine returned by a patient. Doctors have similar professional standards. The issue really is one of "good practice", in which case, the answer would be "no" unless the medicines concerned were kept at the clinic at all times, as would happen on a hospital ward where medicines can be re-used by other patients. You don't want to risk medicines been tampered with by the first patient - accidentally or deliberately. The only option you have is to take the drugs back to the pharmacy/company from where they were purchased for safe disposal. So sorry about this. Diane


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