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Cystic Fibrosis blood test?

Hi all,

We’re at that final hurdle prior to our first appt at our chosen fertility clinic for IVF.

I have PCO and Endo and my partner has a low count. He’s recently had his karyotype test and all is normal, but they’ve asked him for a cystic fibrosis blood test - anybody had this before? It’s so frustrating as we were told the karyotyping was the last blood test which took a good 8 weeks for the results and now this, with an expected 3-4 week wait for the results (meaning all my bloods and chlamydia test which need to be within 3 months will need repeating - again!)

Feeling really down about the whole waiting process at the minute....

sorry for the rant! X

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Hi Dear! Well, yeah! I know that how much frustrating it can be. I know it really must be hard for you until so long. I also have been in the same situation as yours. I was also unable to conceive, but my partner count was fine. I've seen many women having these tests. They are so common now in causes of infertility. Well, I think you should really go for that IVF. I'm also on same considerations for myself...Because the thing is that I don't really wanna waste time anymore. It had been years, I think it's time for me to become a mother by any means. So, I'm thinking to go with it!


My hubby had karotyping for C.F due to having a very low sperm count. I'm not quite sure why your hubby is having to have an extra blood testing. Sorry I can't help. It is frustrating having to wait all the time, totally get that bit!xx


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