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After my first scan

Hi All.

Omg your msgs made me laugh so hard.

Absolutely right!

I did have to drop my knickers. Lmao.

The nurse kept telling me to spread my legs more and more just so she can manoeuvre her stick. 😂

Scans came out well. My husband was so fascinated by the machine. 😍

Right. So my right ovaries doing better than the left.

I have one good sized follicle which is ready. The others are good size too but a little small.

Can't remember the measurements as I'm in bed right now and don't have the copy of my readings.

Will be going back on Friday for my second scan and will be having my egg collection on Monday.

I can't wait!

Hope everyone treatments going well. Sending lots of hugs xx

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Great stuff👍 Hoping the other follicles will have caught up by Friday x


Thanks Dunks

I hope so too.

I don't want too many just incase they aren't quality.

I just pray it all goes well

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My right ovary is also doing better than my left ovary too! Due now for egg collection tomorrow so I have a whole day with no injections!!!! Yup through this process you learn very quickly that there is absolutely no dignity in here!!!! However, I read once on here, that someone called the stick a dildo cam!!! Kind of stuck with me now!! Hopefully that will give you a chuckle!!!😂😂😂 Good luck with your scan tomorrow xx


My right ovary also doing much better than my left ovary. Day 8 of stims tomorrow so will see if that’s still the case.


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