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I’m trying to avoid google and Instagram as I’m desperately trying to get some sort of clue as to whether this embryo has taken or not 🙈🙈🙈

Yesterday was period like cramps but not my usual pre period pangs if that makes sense? And am very gassy 😳 I know myself that it’s the progesterone but am being positive and maybe getting a little bit too excited with every twinge that something is possibly happening and trying not to think that the progesterone is stopping the inevitable period from happening!

Am I being a little crazy that I’m already planning ahead for what to do next? I’ve alre looked into nutrition, acupuncture, conception coaching! Has anyone else thought about this?

We only have one other attempt on NHS, I really need to question that as our referral went through just as the updates 3 cycles was passed?! but while we wait I want to give myself time to recover emotionally although my GP advised to keep trying as I’d be more fertile now if this cycle wasn’t successful, but I do know that I can’t go through this again for it not to work.

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I haven’t been through IVF but I did become pregnant last July after my endometriosis was found and treated. I had no symptoms what so ever- in fact the time my period was due I was convinced it was on its way. At that early point you wouldn’t feel any differently- the only proof is a missing period and a positive pregnancy test. Pms v early pregnancy symptoms are identical and are impossible to tell them apart. Unfortunately I did lose the baby at 4 and half weeks but that isn’t because of lack of pregnancy symptoms just baby wasn’t right sadly.

Distract yourself as much as possible ( I know it’s reallh hard) the way I looked at it when trying after my laparoscopy was I could not change it so I got on with life and that was the month I fell-I’m sure being calmer helped things.

Everything crossed for you xoxo


Hi Sarah_a_2018. Oh dear, it's a nightmare all this waiting. Many of the twinges you feel early on are due to your womb settling back down after being pushed about. Try and keep busy while you wait, and drink plenty of water, which may help with the gassy feeling. Good luck and I shall be thinking of you. Diane


Two week wait feels more like two years wait! It’s unbearable at times and it’s so hard not to google every symptom you’re feeling in your body. Sending you lots of luck and hoping you get your BFP x


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