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Is the medication of a long IVF compromising chance for future modified natural cycle. + DHEA

Hello. I have a AMH of 0.1, hence rather desperate. I am 36 and my last scan showed 7 follicules (which isn't too bad). I will start my IVF long treatment this month. I have little expectations with heavy medicated IVF and will probably quickly shift to the modified natural cycle. Would you know whether running a first medicated IVF cycle jeopardise your chance for the future modified natural cycle IVF. Is the medication that you will take on the long IVF damage your future cycle and eggs?

Also I am on DHEA since 2 weeks. Has anyone had previous experience with DHEA and modified natural cycle? Is this advised?

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Good news you are about to start and great that you have had dhea for 2 weeks. I have heard mixed results for that but it can't harm to try.

Usually the clinic will try to put you on the protocol they think is most likely to succeed so all I can say is keep positive and good luck.



Thank you for your reply. I am trying to keep positive and keep up with life as usual nevertheless. Good luck to you too.


It is a long road but we will all get there in the end. Xx


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