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Getting closure

Good afternoon all

This morning i phoned to book the review appointment for this round of IVF/icsi.

Its on Saturday morning. I was surprised they would see us so soon but this is our 1st private round so am used to having to wait lol.

Am i rushing things? i dont know, its only been a week since the miscarriage but i think its part of my grieving process.

Should i ask about having the FET. I dont really understand how it works as ive only had fresh transfers.

At the 1st review i just sat there and nodded i didnt know what to ask etc.

Any advice is most welcome


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Ask Diane Arnold for a list of questions you can ask

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I think it’s all personal choice, last year after my MMC I was eager to get back to my clinic and get going for my FET which I did within 3 months. After my MMC in October I couldn’t bare going back to my clinic and facing my consultant but in the end was glad I did as I like having a plan to focus on.

I’d say there’s no harm going to talk to them it doesn’t mean you have to start treatment right away but sometimes it helps process everything, good luck xx


When I had my miscarriage I really wanted to get going with my FET but I think it was to take my mind off the miscarriage.

Just because you have this review booked it doesn’t mean you have to start it just yet and you may have to wait a couple of months anyway. I saw my consultant about two weeks after my miscarriage but didn’t start until 2 more periods.

You can always go at your own pace but the appointment can at least give you some idea of how your next round will go xx


I have taken a list of questions on a piece of paper to review appointments in the past and gone through them methodically. It helped me a lot as I found it difficult speaking about the failed cycles without getting overwhelmed by emotion. Best of luck for Saturday, hoping you are able to get some of the answers you’re looking for xx


Write down all your questions before you go and ask everything you can but maybe don’t make any decisions there and then; give yourself a little reflection time. Good luck x


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