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Happy new year!!

Happy new year to you all!! Let’s hope 2018 brings lots of baby dust for us all. Fingers crossed☺️

Am just about to start a natural FET and just wondered what the process was again? Just started testing but due to timing and the lab not opening til 8th jan am unsure if happen this cycle or not. What do u guys think? My clinic haven’t been able to confirm or not😏 any info would be great.

My doggy keeps me going 😀

Thanks 😀

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Oh my gosh!! Cuteness overload!!!

Your pup is super cute!! Happy New Year!

I’m sorry I can’t add to FET experience, however I’m sure that lots of other ladies can!

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Sorry i dont have FET experience either buy hope you get an answer on here. Pup is adorable!! X


What a cute pup, thank goodness for our fur babies!

I haven’t done a natural FET only medicated so can’t offer much advice sorry but hope all goes well for your cycle x

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Hehe thanks guys so far. Yep she is super cute indeed and loved the snow ☺️. Hope u all have a great year ☺️. Def thank goodness for fur baby’s 😊


Hi I’m hopefully having a natural FET in feb, I was told to test for ovulation in Jan so then if I’m ovulating then they will go ahead with the process, I have 7 embryos in freeze.

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