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2017 oh what a year

So this time last year, i was on count down to starting my IVF journey. We had our 1st meeting with the clinic on the 9th of Jan and i honestly didnt know what to expect. Months of tests followed then we finally got a start date for our 1st round in May this unfortunately ended with a bfn but once i had got my head around it and felt ready to move forward and we started our 2nd fresh cycle in October.

I was so happy when this time we got our BFP i was in shock, i honestly didnt think it would work, but it did and i was pregnant for the 1st time ever.

Sadly this joy turned to sadness at the 7 week scan. My baby hadnt made it i chose to have medical management and miscarried on the 27th of December.

So tonight at midnight i will be raising a glass to my special little angel and remembering how much you were wanted.

Looking to 2018 we have 4 little frosties for when we are ready to try again.

So bring on the next 12 months. Am ready for the highs and lows and hopefully 2018 will be our year xxx

Happy New Year to you all and remember anything worth having in life is worth the the fight to get it xxx

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2017 has been hard for you. I hope 2018 is your year hun xxxx


Sending you love and best wishes, I really hope that 2018 is your year xxx


Massive hugs Mrsgled xx


I really hope 2018 is your year!

Happy new year xx


So true honey keep fighting,

sorry for the ending in the year you've had truly awful I was there last month. 😔 Here's to 2018 bringing lots of hope and RIP to all our precious babies. 💗🤗😘


I know how you feel 😞

Wishing you much luck with your frosties in the new year and hoping you get your 🌈 xx


So sorry for your loss. Hoping for better days next year.


Keep the faith mrs xxx


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