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Feeling so down at this time of year

So my period was due the other day I always get really painful periods. We are due to start treatment after Xmas on my next cycle. Anyway 5 days later no period just pink and brown when I wipe. Driven myself mad and could not even eat my Xmas dinner yesterday. Today to put my mind at ease I did a test of course it was negative. Why would it be anything else. Still no period just dark brown when I wipe. I am more concerned that I have missed a period now and how this will affect my next cycle. I hope it doesn't cause an issue and delay us actually starting 😖

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I think anxiety before starting treatment could be the reason your period is delayed, but if you’re concerned it might be worth seeing an acupuncturist to help regulate it?

You say you always have painful periods, has anyone suggested a laparoscopy so they can check whether you have endometriosis causing infertility? This was done for me at a relatively early stage and since then I’ve conceived naturally twice (not at all in the previous 2 years) and I only had minor ablation of mild endo. Unfortunately for us, my partner also has problems so we still need icsi but I’ve been surprised how few nhs sub fertility clinics seem to offer laparoscopy as part of routine investigation.


Thank you lizzie yes had all the checks done. An acupuncturist is a good idea I'm always usually spot on so it's sods law this time x


Did they give you any answers about your painful periods from the lap?

And yes, it really is typical isn’t it!?


I agree with Lizzie I think the stress of starting treatment often delays things a little which I know doesn’t help you, it’s even worse round this time of year. Your clinic should be able to re arrange everything for starting, hope AF arrives soon xx


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