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Merry Christmas!

Been reading so many inspirational posts from people and I thought it was high time I said hello!

I am 41 in March, my first IVF cycle ended 2nd Nov in a Chemical Pregancy. First time I had ever had a positive test so actually gives me a sense of hope that it can happen now. I almost over stimulated as had 23 follicles, 16 eggs all mature, but only 2 reasonable grade made it to day 3. Dr thinks it's possible the doesage was a bit too high for me which affected the quality, as otherwise everything was going so well.

TTC naturally for a while now whilst taking a multi-vit that includes DHEA.

Would be great to hear from anyone who wants to talk, going through anything similar xxx

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Hi there,

Im 41 in April 😳 I’m similar in that I had my first IVF this year too. My 1st attempt sadly ended in a miscarriage at just over 11 weeks in September. However, like you it’s given me a bit of hope.

Fingers crossed my one frostie that I have remaining is the one ☝️.

If sadly that doesn’t work, the plan is to have one further round of IVF to see where that takes us.



Good luck to you and thanks for sharing. Let me know how you get on! In the mean time have a lovely Christmas!

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