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OHSS help!

Morning all! I was hoping for some help & advice on how to cure OHSS. I’m just over 7 weeks pregnant and when I went for my scan they found a couple of monster follicles which have filled back up after egg collection to over 6.5cm each (roughly the size of a satsuma).

I’m not in constant pain but I can’t sleep on my side and am having to sleep in a propped-up seated position. I’ve read that a high sodium diet can help but has anyone else got any advice on how to reduce / get rid of this sooner rather than later?

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Bless you. Can feel for you as I had this and too had major issues with sleeping. I just found being up right and drinking loads helped and it eventually went. Sorry not got a lot more advice and remember my clinic didn’t either really . Do call them though to see whether any more can do. Sometimes needs hospital treatment. They did put me on some meds too but I wasn’t pregnant so unsure if can. Best wishes and take care x


It’s horrid - I’m just super bloated and uncomfortable 😣 ! The clinic just said to rest, don’t do any exercise and if I get a sharp stabbing pain then it might’ve burst so to go straight to A&E. I’ve not had any meds and I think it’s just paracetamol & codeine whilst pregnant.😕 I guess I just have to try and flush it out with water! Thanks! Xx


It is horrid def feel for u as I didn’t get any sleep either in that period the bloating was well uncomfortable. Def lots of water. U can do it and hopefully it will ease v soon. Take good care

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I heard hi protein and don’t drink water. Get your liquids from milk, yogurt etc

Didn’t they say at the clinic?


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