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Light at the end of the tunnel

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Hi everyone, just wanted to give use all a wee update on my situation.

Last year I had ICSI, I was overstimulated and had 31 eggs removed. 24 of these made it past implantation of the sperm but on transfer day there was only 1 embryo left. I miscarriaged 4 weeks later. I was absolutely heartbroken, I thought it was all over. (We only get 1 free attempt in northern ireland).

Last Xmas we decided to try again. I was overstimulated again and on transfer day we had 2 embryos left. I had both transfered ( against my consultants wishes, he said I was too young to have 2 transfered).

One embryo stuck and I am now the proud parent of a beautiful baby boy. He's now 12weeks old and is thriving. He spent 1 weeks in neonatal due to pneumonia but hasn't looked back.

Girls hang in there and be positive.

Baby dust to you all xx

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Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy. I love hearing stories like this it gives me hope for the future xxx

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Rgf77 in reply to Kittygoo

It was the positive stories on here that kept me going. Baby dust to u xx

Congratulations !!

I wAs in similar situation to you but thankfully I have 10 frozen embryos after first fresh cycle.

I’m 32 so they still say to transfer only 1 embryo but im not so sure - particularly as I have one A embryo and the rest are Cs apparently.

So happy it turned out well for you- and you have a little one to enjoy this xmas with xxx

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Rgf77 in reply to Saya85

That's brilliant news for you. I was 29 at the time of my transfer and went against my consultants wishes to have both embryos put back in. It really wouldn't have bother me if I had twins lol the more the merrier 😀 xx

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Saya85 in reply to Rgf77

Me either !@twins

But the risk of complications and other issues is a real concern and not as simple as some people think it to be... I’ve been reawakened to it recently.

Not sure if my body could even

Handle twins atm!

Either way- we live in hope 🙏

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Rgf77 in reply to Saya85

My sister in law had twins 5 years ago with ICSI she was 34 and had far less complications than me. I think it's more to do with the mothers health, job and lifestyle xx

Aw congratulations I’m currently in my 2ww after my first ICSI round. It’s so lovely to hear the positive outcomes xxx

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Rgf77 in reply to Emma04

Hoping you get a positive test at the end of your wait xx

Im from northern Ireland too and 29 going into r 3rd cycle next month people like u that gives us hope 🙏🙏🙏 xx

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Rgf77 in reply to Leanneward

Are you going to the royal? I was so disheartened when I miscarriages the 1st time and the fact I had no frozen embryos either time round. I had reflexology done every few weeks the 2nd time round and I really think it helped xx

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Leanneward in reply to Rgf77

I had my first ivf at rfc 7 years go and took is to now to financally het saving to go private we r with gcrm now had a freeze all in July 4 made to freeze lost 3 at thaw only had one left put bk didn't work so onto cycle 3 4 us yes I did reflexology for r last cycle still continuing it as I enjoy it keeps u so relaxed aww congratulations on ur wee boy I really hope it'

Is 3rd time lucky for us xx

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Rgf77 in reply to Leanneward

I went to GCRM open day but my consultant from the RFC also works there and told me that I could go there but he advised us to stay at the RFC. It's so different for individuals. In our case my OH has problems with bacteria in his sperm and because I am what they called young and healthy he thought staying at the RFC would be better for us. I hope and pray it's 3rd time lucky for you. I'm not sure if your keeping your journey private but I really found it helped to talk about it. I hated lying to people telling them that I wasn't ready for kids yet. It got to the stage I just told them what we were going through. It would surprise you how many people have fertility issues and enjoy talking about it with someone who is going through it xx

Huge congratulations! Have to keep telling myself to have hope...Please give your wee boy a huge hug from me x

Oh wow congratulations! Enjoy your little man xxx

Congratulations. Thanks for this gives hope

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