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Looking for IVF clinic suggestions

I know that we can’t talk about clinics openly in this forum, but I was wondering if anyone would be able to private message me any recommendations for IVF private clinics.

We’ve been recommended to try IVF, but due to my age the NHS funded option is out. I’m interested in finding out about clinics in both the uk and abroad, along with the advantages/disadvantages. We would potentially be interested in purchasing a bundle of treatments (2 or 3), are there any clinics who do bundles?

Sending thanks in advance to anyone who can offer tips.

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We can only recommend those where we have seen good results. When I get to know about my infertility I really got depressed but one of my friends suggest us to go to a clinic which is in Ukraine. After listening from various resources we got a positive note of that clinic. The atmosphere there is very well and they treated their patients very well. They gave us councilor help as well. I know its take time but we were very keen to have a baby child. After successful treatment from IVF from there, we have now a baby child at home. Hope this will be informative to you and best of luck for future.

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Whereabouts in the country are you based?


In the West Midlands


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