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Initial consultation for our Project Baby... what can I expect?

Hello lovely ladies,

We have our initial consultation tomorrow and I have no idea what to expect? I have a bag of nerves but also full of so much excitement.

Is there anything specific that stands out from yours? What will they cover? I know we have a development meeting after which talks more about our process etc...

Any tips are much appreciated xxx

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What stage are you at hun? Is this your first referral from the GP or your first IVF consultation? X


First IVF consultation, sorry should have said. We have had all of tests prior to the meeting xx


At my first consultation we had had all our tests done but none had talked to us about the results of them.

They essentially explained the results of our tests and told hubby to get a retest (we have male factors that we didn’t know about until that point and they wanted a second sample to confirm it wasn’t a one-off bad test).

At our second one we went in and they told us hubby’s retest wasn’t good we need ICSI and launched straight into an explanation of how it worked.

I expect that if you’ve had your results back from your tests then they’ll talk to you about any further tests they think you need and talk to you about your options depending on what your tests show. I believe Clomid and IUI are common first options (the only reason we skipped past that phase is that they are pointless with male factors in play). Good luck!


Thank you! I was thinking it would be an explanation of our results for the tests we have had recently then a plan of action (of course to go over in more detail in our development meeting). We have already done 6 months of clomid so we will be going for IVF or ICSI!

Good luck to you as well xx


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