Hey Ladies, hope you’re having a nice weekend. So tonight I had real trouble injecting! It was hard to get the injection in and then when I did it was stinging/burning sensation - it really was horrible and none of my injections have been like that till now! Is this because everything’s getting bigger internally? Is this normal?! I only have until Monday till my next scan, hope tomorrow’s isn’t like this! Honestly it really hurt 😢! X

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  • You might’ve just nicked a capillary - I had issues with injecting and would keep prodding until I found a spot which seems to hurt less - some parts definitely seem to be more sensitive! Also try going in on a 45 degree angle. 🙈

  • i had this once and ended up changing the needle. It was fine then so maybe blunt-if that can happen...thats what we put it down to. Ended up with a huge bruise x

  • Hi Chantelle89. Try letting an ice cube melt on the spot before injecting. Helps to numb the area. Good luck! Diane

  • If you look at the needle closely there is a slant edge. I found doing the sharpest bit first at a 45 degree angle and twist it in gently helped....worked for me anyway!! Oh and make sure you move injection site, switch sides and try not to get the same bit!xx

  • I found that some bits of my skin was defo more sensitive than other parts when it came to injecting! I really bruised myself the one time, therefore I feel your pain! Hopefully the next one won’t feel so bad 🤞 xx

  • My partner did all mine for me - he was great at it but a couple did just sting more than others (sometimes it felt like there wasn't room for the fluid to go in).

    Good luck for Monday!

  • I was told it may be because skin/flesh naturally hardens after a few injections as it's not the most natural thing in the world to do to yourself. I found switching sides/places to inject helped

  • I agree with the other ladies about switching sides each evening. And also alternate the spot you use on each side so you never go in exactly the same place twice. An ice cube to numb your stomach in advance can also be helpful. Hope things improve!

  • I agree with the other ladies, definitely switch sides of you can. I did mine in my thigh and alternated but it does still sting sometimes. Sounds daft, but I found it helpful if my husband was there talking to me,just an ordinary conversation. That way I was less focused on the stinging and it made a difference to the days it was just me and the injection. Good luck x

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