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Hi I'm Lynnette. I'm 31 been married 3.5years and ttc for 4.

My initial appt with fertility clinic was a little over 2 years ago. We were told that my irregular cycle was most likely the reason for our problems and with my bmi over 30 they wouldn't look to do any further investigations. We already know hubbys sperm count is all fine.

I lost 3 stone with slimming world in a bid to get healthy and further things a long but my bmi is still over30. Good thing Is my cycle has been regular as clockwork since i started losing weight every 28-30days and af for 5. Still no luck.

Then this month I got excited I was late..test gave a BFN so I waited a week and tested again same....3 weeks late then AF only lasted 2-3 days I have tested again to be sure and still BFN

I am really struggling at the moment with 2 of my close friends expecting and my sister in law also.

Has anyone else had problems getting investigations or treatment due to being overweight

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firstly...what an amazing achievement to loose 3 stone, slimming world is great and easy to live by, I've been there got the tshirt! Keep going! Secondly though, I'm sorry to hear your struggling to find the help you need, keep working on you positive progress though, keep a record, it at least shows that your willing to do whatever it takes. Your periods are more regular now which is a great sign your body is happier and healthier ☺ try and stay positive. It's do hard when those around us are pregnant, since we've been ttc, like you my sister in law has been pregnant (and had my beautiful niece), friends have fallen pregnant all around me, even 2 that were using contraception and are in the 1% the world warns us about when we're kids ourselves! This forum is a great place, stay strong, good luck on ur journey x

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Hi, welcome to the group, it is amazing and everyone is incredibly supportive!

I joined here because our eldest daughter who is a size 8 had to undergo ICSI due to a genetic problem her hubby has. Luckily it worked and she's 16 weeks. Our other daughter size 16 had also been trying to conceive but had irregular periods since coming off birth control 8 months previously.

When her AF appeared each time she got very down, so I decided I would research and spent hours each day looking at studies and info so I could help her.

So between us we worked out a low carb healthy eating plan, she already was very active but she upped it as much as she had the time for, she works long hours. I put her on several supplements, pre conception pregnacare, vitamin C, Vitex, Inositol, Dchiro Inositol, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K. I bought her a basal body thermometer and she bought the fertility friend app to plot her ovulation. I had had private bloods taken early on which showed she had a sub clinical TSH result of 3.54, the inositol and vitex have been shown to help with this. Higher TSH is often associated with infertility or early MC.

Gradually her cycles got more regular and ovulation was more clearer. 4 months after starting the regime she had blood checked again and her TSH had come down to 1.6, literally a few days later she got her BFP, a year after starting TTC. She is now 10 weeks, doing great and both her and her fiancé are ridiculously happy 💕

Maybe it was the pill coming out of her system, maybe it was just her time, maybe it was the weight although she actually lost very little, or maybe it was the supplements. During those 4 months her cycle gradually went from being around 40 days to 29, the major changes she saw was her luteal phase that went from an initial 7 days to 11and her BBT definitely increased due to the lower TSH, something was working to sort out her endocrine system.

If you want any more info then feel free to message me and don't give up hope, you can do this, everything is looking very positive for you!!

Hugs xxx

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