Small Bleed at 4 weeks

Hi , I've tested positive since day 6 off the 2WW which was fantastic πŸ™ŒπŸ»but today would be the day my period is due and I have noticed a small amount of pink blood along with very light cramps , I'm really worried but don't want to get to stressed so trying to remain calm and hope it will stop or not get heavier !! Has anyone else had this ? Thanks xxx

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  • try not to worry but ring your clinic for advice. I bled from 5 weeks to 11 weeks on and off but all scans showed no problems (well after the first where baby was hiding!) clinic and midwife said that as long as it's not bright red blood then it is usually fine and the cramps were from large ovaries and uterus stretching. Take it extra easy x

  • Thank u , il try ring them tomorrow xxx

  • Often people get break through bleeding when there period was expected and it’s nothing to worry about. Worth speaking to your clinic though anyway for reassurance. Pink spotting is usually not a bad sign only red. Hope all ok xx

  • Thank you , il ring them tomorrow and rest up this weekend πŸ’ Xxx

  • What treatment are you having if any? In any case I'm sure you'll be ok, just try to think positive for the bumps sake. Fingers crossed for you xx

  • Hi,I'm just on Progynova x2 and Cyclogest x3 since the Blasto Transfer on the 1/11 - no more spotting today jus period like cramps 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻

  • Ah ok. Hope you're feeling a bit more settled xx

  • its probably bleeding from when the periods were supposed to be due. All the very best with your pregnancy!

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