Feels like i will never start treatment

So 13 days after day 1 of my cycle and still no call from hospital. I have phoned and they said there is a backlog. Paired with the xmas and new year opening times this tells me i am unlikely to have treatment this side of the year. I would just like to know either way, staring at my phone waiting for a call is driving me mad. :-( x

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  • It is frustrating. But I'd say it will deffinatly be after new year. Keep that in mind and then anything else is a bonus.

  • The not knowing is so frustrating, maybe could you ring your clinic and just say your going to start in the new year then you know where you stand and can have a date to focus on? X

  • Yes not knowing is the worse i feel like i must be at the very bottom of the list! x

  • It seems unfair that they keep just putting you off to, treatment if emotionally hard enough without all this 2nd guessing. Hope you get some answers soon x

  • Hi lauren3189. So disappointing. Sadly, with the holiday period looming, the clinics/hospitals start to wind down. However, let's hope you do hear soon. Thinking of you. Diane

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