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First day at the fertility clinic

Today I had my first appointment with the fertility clinic. It was very exciting. The bad thing is that I had to go alone. My husband and I no longer live together. We had an argument and he left. Yes he was cheating me, it was not just my paranoia. I just wanted to be sure to face it. I feel bad about that, but relieved.

My date was already made for today, so I said to myself, why not go? I want a baby with or without him. They showed me the choices of sperm donors and I'm very excited. In two days I will have a scan to see my tubes again.

I feel like I've improved a little. Sometimes I feel a little lonely. My house is very big and there are only my pets and me for now. I like to think about the fact that I can fill it with the laughter of a child. That fills my heart.

I have gone to therapy. To keep my mind busy I have been taking care of the three horses we have. It's a lot of work, but it keeps me active.

I feel that everything can improve. I'm so excited.

I will accept any advice regarding the following appointments and what I should do.

A hug to all

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Are you in the uk?


You are a warrior!

I haven't started my IVF journey yet so I can't give you much advice. But I read your story and just wanted to tell you how strong I think you are. I understand you feel lonely, but you can rely on your family, friends, animals and us!

All the best xxx



I am doing this alone. I also have a horse, I'm hoping he will shortly be taking some time off!

Good luck!


Thank you very much for your good wishes. Animals are something that I have always liked. My family is very small and they live far away, but I try to keep in contact with them via internet. A hug!


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