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New here and seeking advice

Hi all I'm new on the forum and was hoping for some advice. Feeling really dejected at the moment. Did any of you get a second opinion while waiting for nhs referral to an ACU clinic? I really want to try Clomid or injectables first but was told that the London ACU would be the best place to discuss this as they'll need to do follicular monitoring. Is that right? What was your experience at the first IVF/ACU clinic appointment? I'm worried that they've pushed me down the IVF route without trying anything else first. Now facing another wait of 'a few months' and when I rang up the hospital today was told they had no record of my notes. I'm wondering whether to just get a private consultation as I've been in and out of appointments for a year now and have no diagnosis. Any thoughts?? Thanks

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If you can afford a private consultation then why not go for it? Just a word of caution though, if you’re over 35 I wouldn’t delay starting ivf treatment (assuming there is an underlying issue that can’t be easily remedied). Good luck xx


Thank you for the advice and good luck to you too x

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Hello dear. In my first consultations to the fertility clinic. I had a series of tests to determine which treatment was right for me.

It was a somewhat tedious process but it did not last that long.

Depending on the diagnosis you obtain, different types of treatments will be performed to try which one is right for you. Although in some cases only the use of a single treatment is determined. As I told you before. Everything depends on the results of the exams.

I had several problems with the first clinics I visited. So I decided to look for other options and found one that is out of the country. It took me a little to accept the fact that I could not do it near my home. But it has been one of the best decisions. I have taken. Everything has gone wonderfully until the mementos. It is a wonderful clinic with an excellent staff. And now I am waiting to have the results of my embryos to be able to begin the transfer.


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