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Why i have been absent


Hi Guys!

If anyone has read my previous post about exercise and checking in about weight loss, you may have wondered where i disappeared off to?!

Well, it turns out all this weight gain etc was because i am pregnant. I’ve had thyroid issue hence why i had no clue about missed period!

I feel so blessed and thank God a lot for this gift as He knows how much i have waited and tried!

I just want to say a big Thanks to everyone ☺️ its amazing and so encouraging to come on here and read positive and supportive stories ☺️

I pray for the best for everyone trying. May you all be blessed with a beautiful Gift 😘

Thanks again xx

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Hello hunny! How are you feeling? I hope everything is fine at your end. This is amazing news... Congratulations for your achievement dear. I am sorry but I haven't red your previous posts. Based on what you said here though it seems that his hit you out of nowhere. I am very glad that you decided to accept this. No even better you think of this as a gift. Were you TTC before this? Or was it more of unplanned ? Either way you must know that you are very lucky. Many of us here dream of something like this. We have devoted our lifes to this dream! Take care of yourself from now on and for your baby too. May god bless you both. Also may your baby have a long and successful life. Wish you all the best in the world!


That's great news, congratulations xx


Congratulations hope u have a happy and healthy pregnancy x

Congratulations xx

Great news! xx

Absolutely amazing news hun. Really pleased for you hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy. 💗🤗😘

This is fantastic news. Congratulations x

Congratulations!! xx

Congratulations hun x ❤

Congratulations x

Lovely news. Delighted for you! Many congratulations. How far on are you? Xo

Hey KatVonB that is the most amazing event :) congratulations dear! God bless you more and more ... we look forward to hear your baby thoughts :)


Great news!! Congratulations xxx

What a lovely surprise!!! Well done and wishing you a smooth pregnancy for you and little one xxx

Thank u very much for all ur kind words everyone! I pray you are all blessed with such lovely surprise gifts in ur lives too 😘😘😘

Oh I've just seen your post!! Huge congratulations!!xx

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Thank u!! Dont often come on here with work n things i dont get time! 😘

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