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Hi Everyone

Hope you're all having a good weekend! I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone for sharing their stories where ever you are in your journey. I have been keeping a fairly low profile recently as been feeling a little down about things but reading all your posts, the strength and determination in everyone and the unfailing incredible support on this network has made me feel so much more positive. Just wondered if anyone has attended councelling or a fertility group and have you found this helpful? Xxx

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  • Hi Poppy, I have counselling and have found it so helpful, and a bit of a life saver at times! It’s always good to shop around though to find one you’re happy with! Ive not done a fertility group, but I’m wondering if it would be helpful, so I’m being nosey!!! Hope you’re well lovely xx

  • Thank you for your advice, counselling was mentioned to my husband and I at our appointment at the fertility clinic and i'm quite a private person so struggled with the idea but thinking it may be a good opportunity. I live in Devon and not sure if there are any fertility groups down this end of the country but i'm keeping my open. Hope you're well too xxx

  • I’ve also had counselling and found it beneficial, I had mine through my clinic not sure if that would be an option for you? It’s a tough journey so don’t be hard on yourself xx

  • Thank you lovely, how are you? Really hope you are doing ok. Yes it is offered at our clinic and i have been a bit unsure about the idea but thinking it may be good to do now. This forum has really helped me feel better about things xxx

  • Up & down tbh just taking each day as it comes, hope your okay? I think you just have to do what’s right for you, even if you try and then think actually that wasn’t for me you’ve given it a go. Glad the forums helping, it’s definitely my life line xx

  • Bless you, it's such a cruel journey at times and i've learnt it's completely normal to feel up and down. I think taking each day as it comes is important. Please message me if you ever need to chat, my inbox is always open xxx

  • Thank you, same to you. Hope speaking to a counsellor helps if you do decide to go xx

  • Thanks lovely BIG hugs xxx

  • Hi poppy

    I was initially unsure of counsellor by but over time, I have found the fertility counselling an invaluable support and would encourage others to at least give it a try x

  • Hi lovely, likewise, i too was unsure but thinking we may give it a go now. Pleased to hear that people have found it helpful. Hope you're ok xxx

  • Def worth a try and maybe ask your clinic or your Go as some places offer fertility counselling for free xx

  • Thanks lovely for the advice. I was a bit unsure at first but reading all the positive feedback on how helpful it can be I may well give it a go!! Take care xxx

  • After suffering 3 ectopic pregnancies I very nearly had a nervous breakdown I was so low and angry this was before started IVF I was referred by my GP and it really did help I think the best bit for me was someone who knew nothing about you and was just listened it's defo worth trying it out hope you feel better soon x

  • Bless you lovely, thank you for taking the time to respond. It's a cruel journey at times and I hope you are ok? I'm pleased to hear that councelling helped, i'm definitely going to consider it as i think that's a positive step. This forum is also a gteat comfort as the support is overwhelming. Take care xxx

  • Hello to you dear Poppy! Thank you for your heartfelt wishes. I am glad that you think that of us... Sharing my story hear has helped me more than it has helped anybody else. I suggest you do the same. Try getting rid of some part of the pain withing you. Talking about your issues always helps. When you do it with the right people... In my case at least, it made the pain dissapeare. I haven't been on any groups like that. First of all there aren't many around here. Secondly I do not like that a lot... I am very shy and I find it difficult to talk to people openly about my issues... On the real life at least. From what I have heard though. It is very helpful and it can have positive results. You are doing just that by posting here though. Maybe it isn't actually necessary to get to a group and pay extra cash. Just my opinion, obviously you are free to do whatever feels right fro you! God bless dear.

  • Thank you for your advice and really pleased to hear the forum has helped you too. It's really comforting to be able to chat to others who are going through a similar situation. Like you I am quite shy also and find it hard to open up about things. Thanks for taking the time to message me and wishing you all the best wirh everything xxx

  • I am really glad I could help dear. The forum has helped me a lot. Now I feel like I owe this place... I feel that it is a duty for me to try and support others. This is the beauty of this place. Everybody becomes kind and good once they come here. You see kindness all over the place and you just can't stand it but be part of it. I know how hard it is being shy... Its one of the worst things I have, the extreme shyness! You basically have no social life. I know I don't because I find it really hard to just socialize with people. I need to spend a lot of time with someone before getting comfortable enoguh to consider them friendly. Otherwise everybody is a potential enemy :D! You are welcomed dear. I hope everything turns out fine for you! God bless you and your loved ones.

  • Thank you lovely, same to you. If you ever need a chat my inbox is always open xxx

  • Will probably drop a message soon. Thanks for inviting me to do so. Just want to let you know I can be a real bother. If you haven't realized by now, I have a big mouth. I like to talk to people who understand me, so you might regret this hahahah. God bless you dear. Take care and be happy xxooxxoo

  • Ha ha! No probelm at all, it's always good to chat. Take care xxx

  • I have counselling and I think it’s a healthy thing to do.

  • Thanks for sharing i'm definitely going to consider giving it a go xxx

  • Hi I haven't had counselling but am part of a support group & have found it immensely helpful...Although there's usually only 2 or 3 people there it's been a great opportunity to meet like minded people who know what you're going through. Have a look at fertility network uk to see if there's a support group near you xx

  • Thank you I think i'll take a look xxx

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