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Hi there. My partner and I have been trying for a family for two years. Like many of you it's a difficult experience. We have an appointment on the 6th November which will take us through the next steps. It is evident that we are going down the route of assisted conception. It has been explained to us that ivf is our best chance. It's starting to feel like it's our only chance. As a male I do find that this brings with it its own issues.. None more so than very few of my male friends know what to say. That takes nothing away from what my partner is going through. She's been incredibly patient and strong... Particularly when I am a little more affected by the news that our ccg has cut back on the number of free rounds of ivf. Best advice? I find staying distracted works well while talking to others is also very helpful.

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  • it's great that you're seeking help and advice on here. You clearly want to support your partner as much as possible. Many of us forget how difficult it is for the male in all this and I imagine it's very difficult to find someone to talk to let alone disclose your feelings to mates. This is a great place to vent, for support, advice etc. Good luck with the forthcoming treatment 😊

  • Thank you! Yes it's quite an isolating experience. But I do know one male who has gone through this with their partner and he reiterated how important it is to stay positive. That's what I will try and do. Sometimes it's testing (!) but we have the 6th November to look forward to so that's a great comfort to us.

  • Good luck with your treatment! It’s a difficult journey but it is good to try to stay positive as much as possible x

  • Thank you :-)

  • Good luck with the appointment, I hope it goes well for you both. My husband only really discusses things with me, his brother and another couple who have had ivf as well. So we understand how it can be isolating. I have found this forum a great place for support /advice

  • Many thanks. It certainly looks like a good place to get support. Good luck your end too!

  • TTC for two years is tough and the journey is never easy. No one would ever want it. 6th November is just around the corner, so take some time to think about the questions, queries and concerns you both have and take the little list with you. Wishing you the best for your appointment and I’m sure you will find lots of support on this forum as/when you need it

  • Thank you. Yes, making a list is a good idea. We will give a lot of thought to this.

  • Welcome ! My dh and I are both quite private about our difficulties but we have found that many friends have gone through the same trouble. Having a short term action plan always helps, the first step is the appointment. Good luck

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