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Any advice out there

Hi everyone

I joined Health Unlocked as we are trying to have a baby, but no luck so far after 11 months.

I always knew we’d have trouble as I’ve suffered with endometriosis for 17 years and I was told at my last laparoscopy about 4 years ago that I my adhesions on my Fallopian tubes are now severe.

Good news is blood tests show I’m ovulating and partner has healthy semen.

My GP has referred me back to a gynaecologist for the dye test, with the likelihood that my tubes will be blocked.

Can I if anyone has had their tubes unblocked after having severe adhesions? My GP was quite candid and explained that clearing your tubes is rarely successful, which really dampened my spirits if I’m honest.

Can I also ask if anyone knows if adhesions can impact IVF being successful if they are in your womb?

Has anyone also had NHS IVF recently, and how long was the wait? Can you pay for a private one whilst you are on the wait list if the wait is excessive?

So many questions! Sorry... I’d appreciate any advice or guidance. I’m feeling a little lost and sad about the whole thing :(


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I don't have endo be a friend of mine does. She had it pretty bad and turned to ivf because nothing would happen naturally. She did ivf and got overstimulated so they did a freeze all and she has 4 frozen embryos. She has literally had the frozen for nearly a year, deciding to wait to try and lose a bit of weight and be healthy before doing a transfer. Then during that wait she had excision surgery, including from the womb and ovaries. Literally 2-3 months after the surgery, she conceived naturally. So she feels that the surgery really helped her conceive by her womb being in a better way. Who knows really.

You could try for a referral like she did, for surgery?

Or if it's not as bad, it may not be affecting you. I guess only an expert can tell you that.

As far as nhs ivf goes, it depends on where you are as to how long you will wait. And each CCG is different as to how precious private rounds affect your entitlement. E.g. I'm in the Liverpool CCG and got 2 rounds. Their rule is that if I had one private, I'd still get the two nhs. But if i had 2 private, if only get one nhs round. 3 private = no nhs funding. You should be able to find that out by speaking to your nhs consultant once referred, or looking it up via your CCG.

Hope this helps xx


Hi Orla

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Really positive to hear that excision surgery worked for your friend. I’m seeing the gynaecologist next week, so I imagine he’ll want to do an op to see what’s going on.

Interesting about IVF.. I did think in some way having private would affect my NHS treatments.

Thanks again,

Tina x


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