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Worried, huge clots & very heavy af

Hi ladies just looking for some advice please. After a failed ivf I had 5 days of spotting (from 8dp 3dt) followed by 2 days of real af which I think only kicked in after stopping the pessaries on Friday. From around 5pm today my flow has been very heavy (5 tamons by 9pm, sorry if tmi). Since then I decided best to sit on toilet (crying) where I have had lots more bleeding and some very large, thick clots. I mean large like 5cm long. I have never experienced anything like it, is this normal after ivf? I should add I have no pain, bloating or cramping at all. I have had a blood transfusion before so worried this could make my iron levels low again but googling it seems maybe it's just the thick lining from the pessaries making its way out? Any advice welcome. Thanks xx

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I stopped my pessaries Friday and was spotting Friday then Saturday very heavy and a lot of clots I was the same on the toilet was pouring out. Settled that night but still heavy yesterday still heavy but not as bad, today heavier than a normal period. Hope ur feeling ok love sending hugs. Xx


It happened to me to, I passed a lot of clots and was in quite a bit of pain after my FET's. The clots should settle within a day but the heaviness may continue for a couple more. Hope your getting plenty of rest xx


Thanks ladies very reassuring to know I'm not the only one. Such a horrible thing to happen amongst all the sadness a bfn brings. Xx


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