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Did IUI worked for any of you

I was reading through posts and discussions in various sites over past few days, and feel the need of reading a few success stories of IUI. I have got a notion that somehow most cases involving female infertility has been through several IUI sessions before going on to IVF. Since my infertility is tagged "unexplained" I'm not quite convinced that IUI will work for me. I might be wrong, didn't find any scientific data to conclude that IUI is any less effective but just a fair opinion from all the cases I read. So, there's a possible chance that I've overlooked the success stories. Having had an MC already I think I'll be able to find more hope and strength for my upcoming IUI session if I manage to get the bright side of IUI.

I'm just cautious not to lose too much time trying to get a positive outcome of IUI, just like we've spent quite much on futile TTC.

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