Spotting and cramps 8dp5dt 😒

Hi all

Really upset as I think it hasn't worked. OTD is Wednesday but I woke up this morning with slight cramps and some very mind spotting (pink). I know some spotting can be a sign of implantation early on but I'm too far past this stage as I believe it's 1-3 pt. This is my first round of ivf.

I presume this means it's all over? Has anyone has a similar experience but ended up with BFP?


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  • Sorry I haven't personally experienced this but I have read other women have spotted later during the tww. Some women have even had bleeds from 6 weeks pregnant and still everything is okay so keep positive. Get lots of rest if you can and just hang on until Wednesday, good luck x

  • Thank you, I appreciate your kind words.

    I had a restless night and got up really early not to wake the o/h and then discovered the (very light) spotting but have aches in hips and mild cramping like AF. I'm due back to work tomorrow too having had last week off. So disappointed as I've had no symptoms at all till now so I'm convinced it hasn't worked 😒

  • I know it's hard but I was sure AF was going to arrive before my OTD to. This tww is torture and it's so hard to not look into every symptom and feeling, we all do it. Don't know what your job is but if your on your feet a lot would you be able to have a few more days off to rest?

  • I have a desk job so I'm not on my feet but it's quite stressful and I travel quite a bit. Not sure I can really take any more time off, I thought it might also be good to take my mind off things but now I'm not sure

  • Maybe see how you feel later and then make your decision. You come first especially during this time

  • Thanks for the advice, you're right I'll see how I am later

  • If it's only spotting then don't worry too much. Rest up and test on OTD. Thinking of you β€οΈπŸ€žπŸ»πŸ€

  • Thank you Claire

  • When I bled at 6weeks the doctors said it could still be implantation bleeding, so defo don't rule it out yet. Good luck xx

  • Well that's positive, thank you for that it makes me feel a little better 😒

  • 2 ww are defo the worst part of the process but your almost there now x

  • Hi AMH2,

    Try not to worry both of my friends who went through ivf had 3dt and they had spotting, one was day 7 and the other was day 9 and they both got there BFP, both babies have now been born and now in the world all happy and healthy. so by the sounds of things I'd say that's a good sign, but just try and keep calm and I'm keeping everything crossed for you xxx

  • Oh hopefully, thank you for this story Emma Jane x

  • No problem I remember the tww so well it's horrible all sorts go through your head but not long to wait now for you xxx

  • No not too long till Wednesday thankfully, I just hope it's good news. The 2ww is like an eternity, I wasn't prepared for it!

  • I was fine for the first half of it then the second week I was just getting a little impatient lol. But I got there in the end, I really hope it's a bfp for you x

  • That's very natural! We all had to fight that situation at some point in our respective fertility journeys too. Plus, the too much of wait - right from failed TTCS to getting an appointment at the fertility clinic and all the way to tww simply depletes all the patience we have in store. But we've got hold-on anyway!

  • Try to keep positive and take hope in the other ladies stories. Wishing you well. xx

  • Could just be your little button burying in deeper, remember a lot of blood vessels there, all the best for Wednesday πŸ€žβ€οΈπŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Hopefully x

  • Hey, besides the obvious implantation a little spotting can happen anytime during the first trimester. Maybe it's just one of that. I had that too and I guess most women does (from experience not proven data though). So, you shouldn't be worried as long as its just spotting. Take some rest though - both physical and emotional. Wednesday isn't far, you'll be there in no time. However, you've got to try and relax during the wait out. Try not to think too much about the negative outcomes yet, upsetting your hormones should be avoided at tww. Take frequent naps if that helps and do things that keep you happy (not the physically strenuous ones though). Wish you all the luck in the world!

  • Thank you, I've been pretty relaxed up until now, took last week off work, nice leisurely days shopping/at the park/reading/cooking etc. I've been sleeping better than I have in years (prob due to lack of alcohol/caffeine/work stress).

    It was really just since this morning when I saw the pink and with the cramps and achy hips I feared the worse, particularly as I've had no symptoms at all since ET

    I will try and be more positive πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • Thank you so much, it really has helped a lot chatting with you ladies.

    I think my OH thinks I have gone completely mad!

  • Nah, men do understand but they just fail to express it. They've got to stay strong or who's gonna support us - it's just their way of staying strong. My OH was so concerned that he used to annoy me with too many "how you're feeling now"; How can someone feel any different in like 10-15 minutes. He was new to the whole being pregnant thing, just like me and probably didn't know where to start and picked the one line he could think will make sense. Men will be men you know :D Later he told me I was so upset and concerned at the same time that he was quite confused about how to handle me. I Woke up each day with a different level of panic-struck expression on my face and he thought it would only be a guessing game if he didn't ask me - who wanna set off a pregnant woman with a wrong guess. :D Instead he chose to ask me the same "how are you feeling now" over and over again whenever he saw me pondering over something.

  • Yes I know, I was worried the other day that I had carried too much shopping and maybe done some damage. His response was "look at the women working in the fields in India, they all have babies so I don't think a few bags of shopping will do any harm"

    I mean I'm sure he's right but.... sometimes I do despair, I know he's trying to be helpful!

  • Hahaha... they have every good intention to relieve us of the worries but they just don't know what will work best. As usual, try their own ways to make us comfortable. :D Which is never as impressive as we've wanted it to be.

  • Hang in there AMH2! Although it feels like an eternity you haven't got too long to go. I agree with the others, take hope from their encouragement. You're still in the game! Thinking of you. Xx

  • Yes fingers crossed πŸ€žπŸΌβ˜˜οΈπŸ™πŸΌ

  • I know this might not be helpful as I didn't have spotting during my tee but I've had 3 bleeds since then but am currently 8weeks 2days pregnant and have been told everything is fine πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ so it might not be the end just yet!! I've thought the worst every time obviously and been terrified but baby's still hanging in there!!

    What day would your period normally be due? When's your test date? Finger crossed for you that everything's okay πŸ™πŸΌπŸ€žπŸΌ xxxxxxx

  • My OTD is wednesday

  • πŸ€žπŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ€°πŸ»

  • Lolz, I just logged it a bit later and it went to page 2 and I replied without realising you're the same AMH2. :D Was wondering why there are similar posts today.

  • No worries, thanks for the messages

  • Hey, your symptoms sound like early pregnancy. Only 1/3 women get implantation bleeding - maybe you're among the remaining 2/3. Also, little spotting is quite natural and happens to many women up to 12 weeks. Probably, you've just got to wait till Wednesday to be sure and spread the great news. :) Some people are just late bloomers. So, don't be worried about your symptoms appearing later than when it's supposed to be. My symptoms just never happened! Don't worry everything will be alright. Sending you baby dust! :)

  • Oh thank you for your kind words, I'm really hoping for good news Wednesday. I've gone from positive to sad about 20 times today

  • Oh, don't do that. Try to distract your mind from overthinking about the odds. I know it's a little hard for the ones like us who are already struggling to get pregnant. But that's the only way to stay relaxed - it's more than important at this time that you stay happy and optimistic. Maybe you can pick a hobby or spend an ideal leisure day just as you've always planned to. Try things that usually light-up your bad days. Hope it helps! :)

  • You're very kind. I'm back to work today which will at least distract me but won't exactly be enjoyable! No more spotting though which is good I guess

  • That's really a great decision I'd say. Yeah, it'll be little less relaxing thought but at this point, it's more important that you do not ponder over negative outcomes. The fact that spotting stopped is actually more indicative that it's just normal spotting that I've mentioned. :)

  • There was a little more today unfortunately but really microscopic, still holding out hope 🀞🏼

  • I think it's the same.

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