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Back again , is there still a chance?

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have had a few months off and now feel ready to come back and was looking for some advice as I'm not sure who to ask.

I was due to start IVF in January of this year after many operations and tests etc when suddenly my relationship broke down and unfortunately my partner and I separated.

I rang the IVF clinic to cancel my IVF treatment and they said to let them know if anything changed as I still have a year from then to use my treatment.

I really still want to have the treatment now I have had a chance to process things but would I still be able to go ahead using a sperm doner on the NHS? Obviously I realise I can't use his nor would I want to but I wondered if a sperm doner may be an option?


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I'm having private treatment with a sperm donor. Not sure what the criteria for NHS treatment would be.

I'd like to know if anyone has any information though.

Good luck x

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I think I've seen something somewhere about it potentially being possible, but you'll also get asked lots of questions about being a single parent and how you will provide a male role model for your child so I'd do some research and go to any consultation prepared. I hope they will support you with it!

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Thank you for your advice.

Yes I did wonder if they might ask that, I do have a new partner but he has had a vasectomy so I was just wondering what the best option was.

Thanks again x


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