Hello there everyone,

I haven't been on here for a while. It's lovely to see so many from this community - both members familiar and new - blessed with positive news to share, may I say how sincerely joyful I am for you all.

On the other side of the coin though, it saddens me to my very depths to read of the cruel struggles of those, like me, not yet at their destination and reminds me all to vividly of the path I am due to rejoin, so I reach out to you too with an understanding hope and love only those who walk this path can truly feel.

I hope we can become friends and support each other through this our biggest challenge.

This sure is tough but I believe in us people - we can make it!

Massive luck and love xxx

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  • Hi

    I'm one of the new ones and am walking this path with you. This forum is such an amazing place with so much positivity and hope.

    I just wanted to wish you lots of luck now you're back on this journey.


  • Hi Franco and welcome to the site, it truly is a lifesaver amd brings such comfort and hope when it feels no one else understands.

    Where are you in your journey?

    Big thanks for the well wishes. I look forward to following your journey.


  • I'm actually just at the beginning of my first cycle of ICSI and like almost all of you on here have been on the cruel emotional rollercoaster to get here still knowing there's an awful long way to go!

    There have been a few positive stories on here in the last few days though which is giving me hope.

    Watching these journeys and listening to everyone here really does show just how amazing, strong and brave we can be.

    Good luck xxx

  • Aw, good luck Franco, I hope your journey is as swift as possible from this point. ;-) how're you feeling about your first (and hopefully last) ICSI hun?

    Yes, it is an incredibly supportive place and definitely heartening to see positive stories.

    Xx 😊

  • What a lovely post! Wishing you all the best as you restart your journey. We are all here with you. Xx

  • Aw, well thank you Lou9, I wish you all the best with your journey too and pray this is our time.

    Where are things for you lovely? Xx

  • Wishing you all the luck as you re start your journey, I'm newish to the forum but sadly not to IVF however it offers such strength and comfort from ladies who 'get it', what warriors we all are xx

  • Aw, thank you for your lovely reply E_05. Sounds like you've had an epic journey so far. This forum definitely helps because while in life we can feel like we're floating on a sea of fertile people alone, here the warriors stand in unison and make each other stronger.

    Where are you with it all lovely? Xx

  • Your so right, I'm currently in the 2ww of my 4th cycle (2nd fresh) and driving myself insane today lol xx

  • Aw hun, the tww is undoubtedly the loooonnngest fortnight of your life isn't it?

    How're you feeling symptoms wise? Other than stir crazy that is! Haha. Xx

  • I had felt quite calm trying to tell myself I've done this before until this morning, I woke feeling very nauseous and I know deep down it's not symptoms but can't help think what if. I've had a few cramps and so tired to but I had an infection between EC & ET so not sure how much of what I'm feeling is still me recovering. How are things going for you, are you having treatment at the mo? Xx

  • Aw hun, it's so hard when you get "symptoms" at such an emotional and desperate time.

    Hard to maintain the calm and balanced outlook we indend to try for.

    You've had a tough time of it with infection to deal with as well, no wonder you're tired!

    Sending positive vibes and hopes that these symptoms are real for you! Be gentle with yourself lovely and allow the natural emotions to come.

    As for me, they found a mass of fluid on my euterus during my 3rd ivf in April so referred me for a laperoscopy and cancelled the cycle.

    I hsve a blocked left tube which may be responsible so may be repaired or removed during the lap which is booked for 21st September.

    Once I'm healed I can start ivf 4. Xx

  • I know and think we're all so used to being 'in tune' with our bodies we over look everything which makes it even harder. I'm trying to tell myself this is a new cycle and not compare it to the others.

    Oh what a journey you've had to, wishing you lots of luck for lap hopefully they can repair your tube xx

  • Hi Pookymama, just wanted to say welcome back!! I remember you well from a few months ago xxx

  • Hi Oakey, how lovely for you to remember me. I remember you too. How's everything going for you? Xx

  • How could I forget a cool name like Pookymama?! I'm all good thanks. Managed to get my bfp on my 2nd go at icsi (1st fet)...so after 5yrs ttc I've just made it to the 2nd trimester! Good luck with ur next go xxx

  • Oh Oakey, that is incredible news, I'm over the moon for you!

    How're you feeling? Xx

  • Pretty good this week...thanks for asking! (but if you'd asked me last week I'd had said the opposite)...I had the worst morning sickness at 14wks and was knackered) This week at 15wks I've suddenly got my energy back and the ms has gone too 😁...hallelujah!!

  • Aw, I'm so glad that horrible morning sickness and exhaustion has gone, must be miserable!

    I guess IVF/ICSI/tried hard for pregnancies have the potential to be even more exhausting due to the additional worry and the process to get there.

    So glad you've got your zip back! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly and you're able to enjoy it! Xx

  • Hey pookymama, nice to see you back!xx

  • Hi Cinderella, thank you! Good to see you too. How're things going? Xx

  • I'm good thanks! Started a DE cycle after all our failures and feeling good about it! Heading out to Athens on 26th May so hopefully along with a holiday we have a much better chance of success too!!👍xx

  • Glad you're feeling better about it Cinderella.

    How have you found the DE process? It might be something we have to think about in the future.

    You head to Athens the day before my birthday, I reckon it's a good omen!

    Have everything crossed for you that this is your time. Xx

  • It's all going well so far! I haven't even really thought about the DE thing since I've started the cycle, just excited to get going and to feel like we have a chanceat this!!xx

  • Bet you are excited! Once the ball starts rolling you just want to jump on in there don't you! XX

  • Sure am! Just want to get going....not too long to wait now!! Hope you've got something nice planned for your birthday!!🎂xx

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