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Hi, I'm crazy happy about new I've got to know. My surrogate is pregnant and it's the most incredible feeling in the world, Finally, finally my fears are far behind, and we have started a new path in our life.

I remember as it was a few seconds ago, I was nervous about getting email form the clinic. As always I decided to recheck and saw it, a letter from them. It said numbers, the best numbers in my life, the numbers that give hope, love and faith in the bright future...

I have no words to describe all these

With all my heart and soul, I wish all ladies here to get their 'numbers of hope'

love you all xxx

38 Replies
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Great news. Funny pic! πŸ˜‚ X

danysh13 in reply to Tugsgirl

thank you, I've tried to cheer up all ladies here.

That's brilliant news! X

So happy for you.

Can you tell more about your "surrogacy case"?

Did they allow to choose surrogate mother?

Which is general requirements to those (in that country)?

I also interested in expenses and "overall level" of country.

P.S.: overall level means good surrogacy laws, high surrogacy medicine and most of all - country should be safe to be there.

danysh13 in reply to Alice_W123

oh wow thank you

frankly I didn't expect to get lots of questions.

Well, a country we went for is great, its legislation is super friendly and we had no problem with flying there. we were told about required demands before starting a surrogacy there. First of all we have to be married, officially and had to bring our passports and marriage certificate as well. Then, the manager asked us to have it apostilled at the place we got married in order to avoid problems in the future with obtaining a travel documents for our future baby.

No, we weren't able to choose a surrogate as it is forbidden there, but we could meet her after 12 weeks of her pregnancy.

I hope it will help you somehow, if you have more questions I'm open to any of them

Alice_W123 in reply to danysh13

Thank you for quick reply.

And what about safety in that country?

P.S.: I got some information from news and internet but I'm not sure of its trueness.

danysh13 in reply to Alice_W123

what do you mean by safety? A place we were at was totally safe, we were met by the driver at the airport. He drove us to the hotel where we had a rest, then we went to the clinic, had our consultation and successfully signed the contract. So there were no worries about.

Alice_W123 in reply to danysh13

Ok, I understood.

Thank you again.


Lovely news massive congratulations xxx

danysh13 in reply to Hidden

Thanks a million, it means a lot to me


Fantastic news!! Congrats! What are the numbers though? What else what in the email? Did they book a scan for your surrogate? I can't imagine your excitement and how happy you are to know that she managed to get preggy. it was your first surrogate, right? Have you seen her?

PS. great picture lol :D

danysh13 in reply to Petricker

Thank you very much! 965 is what I've got with the email. Yes, they have booked a scan day for me, unfortunately I couldn't see my surrogate, anyway, we are extremely happy about these news.

Actually no, it's our second surrogate as our first got bfn. Anyway, we are crazy happy and other things have no sense to us.

My manager told she will inform us about next steps, so, we are waiting for the instructions haha

Petricker in reply to danysh13

wow!! there is a chance of a multiple pregnancy as far as I undersdtand. How do you feel about this? When is her scan? I was told they send scan results monthly, is it so? don't you know if it's possible to get them more often? I can't imagine how to wait for updates during the year without going crazy. Sorry that her first attempt failed. Who is your manager now?

danysh13 in reply to Petricker

July 17 is a scan date! Yes, you are right, they send scans each month, I'm really satisfied with this option. I wish we could see our surrogate this time. Honestly, I don't know if it is possible, theoretically they can but I suppose they are too busy with other clients and have no time to perform ultrasound checking more often.

It's hard, I can't stand waiting, time is killing me and my husband, we are exhausted from all these. No, it's ok now, I clearly understand that we had a small chance to conceive form the first attempt. Any way, we are pregnant and will pray for a healthy pregnancy.

Yarina if I'm not mistaken, cause she has a specific name haha, I suppose typical for ukraine.

Congratulations!! (And I also love the picture)!

danysh13 in reply to London7

Thanks a lot. haha, I did my best, I wanted to find something funny as a lot of ladies here feeling upset and I didn't want to offend no one's feelings with my post.

Great news πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸ’‹

Congratulations! Lovely news!xx

Thank you all girls, it's nice from you. I still can't believe we got these numbers. I pray for my safe pregnancy, I do believe it will work for us and we will be the best parents in the world.

WELL, our next step is ultrasound, the clinic told they will send me it when the pregnancy reaches 6 weeks. I'm super excited about it.

And thank you again for such warm words

Brilliant news xxx

I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

You must be SO excited! Great news and wishing you and your surrogate all the best xx

danysh13 in reply to CountryCat

Yes, I am!!!!!!!

I'm over the moon!!!!!!

Can't wait to go to ukraine to see my surrogate!!!!!!

Wish you all the best too!!!!!

So pleased for you. xxx

Huge congrats to you all xx

Incredible event darling! Wooow!

Now you may concentrate your attention on different things besides the pregnancy confirmation.

Perhaps now you will live from ultrasound to ultrasound! hah wishing only strong health health to your baby!

Amazing news! Keep this wave!

danysh13 in reply to Byernblo

Thank you very much!

Sorry I missed this comment, silly me, I thought you just wrote about crazy pic haha!

Yes, I'm so happy with this news. Honestly, I can't stand waiting, I want to see my baby or babies haha, who knows.

What about you?

Byernblo in reply to danysh13

That’s alright!

What plans do you have?

I don’t want to talk about my dealing for now yet. It’s just a small thing amidst events you are living through.

I’m happy for your progress. Wish your surrogate to be healthy!

danysh13 in reply to Byernblo

plans? hm, for now I don't have any! We are waiting and that's all for us. I know it would be devastating time but it would be much easier than 2ww , don't you agree with me?

Oh, sorry if I offended you.. wish you good luck with whatever you have started


Byernblo in reply to danysh13

I believe It has to be so. actually I wasn’t offended!

I wish you have safe pregnancy! Your surrogate will have. I guess your clinic can make good control of her health and behaviors.

Please, update your posts. it will be curious to find out news from you! Good luck!

P.S. always attach photos to your new post. Sure, you’ll find something interesting again

danysh13 in reply to Byernblo

thank you ! it's so nice from you!

Yes, they do have strict rules for the surrogates. I believe all they are healthy as they have to undergo lots of medical tests before starting the program. We were told that the surrogates are young and have no problems with fertility(haha it's obvious), they are mentally strong and have at least one baby born in natural way.

I will, I will post updates! and I hope to hear good news from you soon!!!!!!


Byernblo in reply to danysh13

I saw updates on their official web-source. There are some changes in the timeline for matching surrogate. I’m not sure it concerns all the packages but website is informing that we have to wait for up to 6 months until they find a surrogate mother.

Did you hear anything about it?

Pic is really crazy!

That’s amazing dear! You are a good fortune owner! Did your SM get pregnant with her first try?

My congratulations! So now you’re on the next stage of waiting. Cope with everything and one day you’ll leave all these troubled times behind.

Happy for you!

danysh13 in reply to Blooo33

thanks a million. I'm so happy indeed! We didn't expect to get such good news from our manager!

Yes, we are waiting and I'm afraid this time would be the hardest in my life!!! oh, my surrogate got pregnant with the second try. Unfortunately, she's failed with first transfer but it has no matter to us now as she is pregnant and feeling great.

what about you? do you have any good news to share?

Blooo33 in reply to danysh13

Yeah! I’ve already shared my best news! Our journey is over and we’re enjoying this time our little angel grows and learns everything around.

Receive my congratulations once again and I hope you are really alright now!

What do you think about your clinic and its way of treating the patients?


I read your answer on other posts. If it`ll possible I want to know more details about your surrogacy experience. I am actively looking for surrogacy clinic now. And I would appreciate it if you`ll give a bit of information about it.

There are a lot of good feedbacks on forums about this clinic in Ukraine. But I don`t know..

I'm so happy for you. It`s wonderful that everything is successful.

Can you ask in what way they choose surrogacy mom? Can we meet with her during pregnancy?

Do you choose donor eggs? And how often you must go to Ukraine for all this?

I understand that at least two times.In the begging and then when we take a child from surrogacy mother?

Thanks for your reply

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