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My partner had cancer as a baby so unfortunately having a child is difficult for us. We've just started getting everything checked and waiting to have a meeting with the doctor. I'm finding it so difficult because all our friends/family have kids and don't seem to understand that we are going through a difficult time. What did anyone find helpful to cope at the beginning with all these "have hope" "It'll happen for you" "when you going to have kids" questions?

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Hi and welcome. No real advice on how to cope with people's insensitive comments and questions, just try to bear in mind that most people mean well.. Sadly we've all heard them a thousand times over. Good luck on your journey xx


I listen to a podcast that is amazing and has been a really helpful. These two episodes talk about how to manage relationship and how to reply to those questions



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Hi. It's very difficult at the beginning and unfortunately you are going to hear a lot more of the 'it'll happen for you' and my personal favourite 'you just need to relax and stop trying and you will get pregnant' 😡You have to remember,just like Tugsgirl said, people aren't being insensitive purposefully more often than not they just don't know what to say.

We were also unable to have children naturally due to my husband being ill when he was younger. It resulted in us having ICSI. We now have a little girl who will be 2 in 2 weeks time 😊

I would say wait and see what the doctor says and then take everything from there. Lots of luck 💕

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