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Hello new to all this


Hi Everyone

So last week l told that l have lost enough weight to start some fertility treatment. I have been trying for the last 3 years and was really surprised l have actually managed to get to this point as felt it was going on forever.

So here's the thing l am now starting to get a bit freaked out. We have been working towards this for so long l am really worried that it will all be to much.

Seen this community and been reading some of your posts which is helping so thanks


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Hi Val,

Welcome! I've only been on here for a short while but it's a lovely friendly forum- I'm sure they will be with you every step of the way should you need them.

However I will also say don't go reading too much on the internet either!

I actually stayed away from the forums during the cycle- only joined before the egg collection. I think it helped my nerves not to be so focussed on it throughout.

The message generally is to relax! Relax! Relax! The actual procedure and meds are not nearly as difficult as people think they are, but emotionally it can get difficult especially if you let it take over everything.

So I would find a way to de-stress to start with- find a hobby, or an activity that will keep you busy and distracted throughout.

And a heart to heart with your other half (OH)- be prepared for mood swings and arguments on the hormones! Remember to brush them off as side effects and not read into them too much

Good luck! Xx

Welcome and good luck with your journey

Everyone on here is so lovely and caring,


Welcome and congratulations on getting to this point! There is no two ways around it - it is tough. But we are all so much stronger than we realise! And I agree with Saya85 - try to stay away from Dr Google! And remember too that on forums you don't hear as often from people who are having an easy ride - no one ever posts to say "I'm not having any side effects". So don't assume the worst based on what you read. X

Thanks for the advice.

Luckily l have a hobby that definitely keeps me busy!!

My and the OH chat a lot. Always think when u stop that's when the problems start!

Trying to not look to much into it all really as don't want to stress myself out.

Just glad l have somewhere to go if needed.

Thank u ladies!! Xx

Hello dear

I want to wish you good luck, you deserve all this, you deserve to be happy.

fertility treatment is not an easy issue but you are strong and brave, you lost weight, you did your best!!!!

Go and reach your goal


Well done you. Losing weight is never easy and I think when you know you HAVE too the pressure is really on. Good luck from here on xx

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