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Period after HsG. So fed up!!

Hi girls!

So I had cramping from day 10 post ovulation for a week then I had 3/4 of spotting brown/black (very slight, only on wiping). I was 4 days late then took terrible pains and had a bleed. Ovet the next 2 days I was bleeding intermittently but not consistent like usual period. Now I am back to spotting black. I am cramping again and I have felt so nauseated for the past 3 days. I am really exhausted too. I took a test the day after when my period was due and it was negative. Havent took one since as I took that intermittent bleeding.

This is my 2nd period for HsG test and my tubes were clear. Is this normal for period to mess up? Anyone had this? I am so fed up with cramping now and period symptoms for nearly 2 weeks xx

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I'd do another test in the morning just in case xx


Hi, I had a hsg in May and it has effected my cycles since. My cycles are longer, from 28 days to about 33 days and my periods have also been longer too.


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