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5 losses in 2 years

I have had 5 losses in the last 2 years 1 ectopic. Never thought I'd be here today my life went to a dark place ! So recently got diagnosed with hypothyroidism so now I'm on tablets for that. I recently missed my period -again 3days ago I started heavy bleeding, I test every couple of days to see if the line is getting fainter it's getting darker, I don't want to bother with hospital as I feel like they huff and puff and make me feel stupid 😩

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Hi Hulmesy. Definitely keeping everything crossed for you. Good luck! Diane


I can only see it going one way that's another loss 😢


So sorry for you losses, fingers crossed for you this time 🤞x


I'm so sorry for your losses. I do not think there's anything I can say to help you with that pain. However, I hope you are feeling better now. My mother always says that in our saddest moments, is when we find the light. I think of it every time I feel I touch the abyss. Hope you can find light soon.

My best wishes for you. A hug.


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