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Lower back pain - stressing out πŸ™ˆ

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Hi everyone

I am currently 6+ 5 today and since last night have been having bad lower back pain it started on left side then moved to middle now on the right im not in absolute agony can walk and move around but it's really uncomfortable 😭.

I am worried that it's the start of something awful thanks to bloody google!

Anyone else experienced this?

Thanks and sending love


12 Replies
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Hi just wanted send you hugs. Do you think maybe you are carrying yourself differently? I am 5+ 4 and have stopped being so active as I am really tired all the time. I have noticed my back hurting more but think it is more down to lack of activity xxx

E8989 in reply to bluewanderlust

Aww thanks I'm not sure to be honest I have been doing less walking and going out like you said purely down to tiredness. It's just so odd how it's just started and now won't budge it's currently all over lower back there's so much worrying stuff online that convinces myself that it's all going wrong I know I can take paracetamol but don't really want to does your hurt at the bottom? Xx

I've had back aches for weeks now and Im 15 +2, you defo will be carrying yourself differently and as previously said I used to work out and no longer do, I've also started with hip pains too- oh the joys ha ha xx

E8989 in reply to Laura3101

Thanks for your reply sweetie congratulations! I really hope nothing to worry about it does say online that OB tend to tell women that unless you in serve pain and or are spotting or bleeding then it's usually ok? X

Laura3101 in reply to E8989

Yeah I've been told that unless there is bleeding or the pain is so bad you can't cope it should be all ok, I have another scan a week today & I don't think you ever stop worrying - I have had 3 scans so far and still get nervous that something will be wrong xx

E8989 in reply to Laura3101

Thanks Hun I just think I'm so aware of everything and also very nervous and anxious. I'm the same 2 at epu and one at my clinic and they said that it all looks good so have to take solace in that I think but still does not.put mind at rest x

I'm 6 + 5 too and have bad back ache for the last week. Like you I looked at Dr Google and wish I hadn't - I also saw some worrying stuff. But equally found lots of people commenting they too had suffered from back ache and continued with healthy pregnancies. Hopefully our back aches are nothing to worry about. X

E8989 in reply to London7

Thanks for your reply sorry you experiencing it to yes I really hope so wishing you all the best x

Thanks for your reply x

I know it's a nightmare I'm really worried 😩 did you pain go away? What was your outcome? Do you think I should be worried? I had scan yesterday and saw heartbeat so pray it's all ok xx

Stay active. Not like doing a marathon but walking is so good for relieving back pain and for getting blood moving around you and babies body. It is fair to say that you will have loads of strange aches and pains in early pregnancy. Please don't panic about them all otherwise you will spend your whole pregnancy stressed out. I'm now 17+4 and had all kinds of odd feelings and have just taken it as my body changing and all scans and everything have been fine. So welcome these odd feelings it means change is afoot! Xx

E8989 in reply to ch319

Hiya thanks for your reply x

Yes I will try that for sure it's just very uncomfortable at the moment 😭 I know I do need to relax a bit I'm just finding it very difficult and really struggling to be positive after all The heartache and stress of IVF I am also experiencing some low pelvic cramping which is pray is just normal also did you have back pain? Xxx

ch319 in reply to E8989

Erm I don't really remember to be honest. I had unbelievably sore boobs and didn't notice anything other than that. But every one is different. Xx

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