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Not qualifying for IVF on The NHS

Could anyone tell me the reason that you wouldn't qualify for IVF on the NHS?

I've read the NICE guidelines, but are there any other sneaky little things they don't tell you that mean you wouldn't qualify?

I'm getting very anxious now it's all starting and don't want to be told no :(

We have an IVF savings account just incase, but we'd obviously rather not have to use that, and buy baby furniture instead!

Thanks in advance xx

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Each CCG will lay their own set criteria and unfairly this will vary throughout the county's. You can find your CCG provider and they should list the criteria to qualify for assisted conception.

I don't qualify for IVF as I have a child that is 18 from a previous relationship but my husband has no children. 2 county's near us would've given us funding.

Good luck xoxo



As Jess has explained it depends which Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) you come under as to what funding is available. Please load the data on fertilityfairness.co.uk to see what the situation is in your area. You need to get hold of the Fertility Policy for your area - there will be a link on the spreadsheet on the Fertility Fairness website it we know it - if not you will need to contact your CCG directly for this. If you do not meet the criteria then you can appeal for funding. More information and a template letter can be found fertilitynetworkuk.org/for-...

I hope this helps. Any questions please give us a call on 01424 732361.

Best wishes,



I was told I was too old - I was 39. I met all other criteria, (don't smoke, healthy & bmi good) neither my partner or myself have children.

I did find it funny that I was too old for the 'bundles' of treatment - 3 tries for one fixed price etc. from fertility clinic.

I think my partner wouldn't mind about the money we've spent if we had something to show for it. I think he thought ivf was like going to the shops - you hand your money over and get to take something home. Now trying de as better percentage chance of success, we will see .....

Good luck xx


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