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Hi shar new on her

On Monday 3rd July had positive pregnancy test. Then Wednesday Thursday I had cramp tummy and my back hurt. I missed my period last months. So happy when I done test. After 3 years off trying for my 2nd baby. On Friday the pains got worse my late evening brown colour preiod small. Then I was a sleep at work. I woke up in early Saturday look blood clot and bad tummy due I was at work I couldn't get check out then must gone few quite lot pads and still cramp tummy and back. Last night I done a text it was negative. I am worried. Should be due 26th February 2018. Not seeing docter tommrow. Help I am still working

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Hmm. You should have visited the doctor last Friday.

Try to test again tomorrow and then visit your doc asap.


Hi 11shar. So sorry to hear that all this has happened. Like "Alice_W123", perhaps you should have seen a doctor sooner. However, you have an appointment tomorrow, so not too long to wait now, so that you know what is happening. Thinking of you. Diane


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