Ovitrelle freak out!

Just done my ovitrelle injection for EC Friday. Has anyone got all sweaty and nauseous over it? I am convinced I've done it wrong. Followed the instructions to the letter, but when I pulled it out there was a couple of little droplets that came out after. Pretty sure I kept it in there for about 18 seconds after, the number went down to 0 and nothing left except these few little droplets. Have I become a total stressed walking hormone? (1st thing I've stressed about so far!) 😧😳

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  • Sounds fine to me... And was on 0 and u kept in for few seconds after... Probably anxious as this the final one and nervy but exciting times ahead.. Wishing you all the best... Good luck πŸ€... Xxxx

  • I think you've done amazingly if that's the first thing you've stressed about!!! Sounds like you've done it perfectly so don't panic. Missing a drop or two won't make any massive difference. Now just try to stay calm until Friday. Good Luck with it all xxx

  • Hi Lilli79. Just read this, and I'm sure you will have done it OK. Hope the egg collection has gone OK and you are now resting - and drinking plenty of water. Should you have to inject again, then always stretch your skin and hold it stretched as you inject. When you let go, a "zig-zag" effect will happen and lock the fluid inside you. Take care. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, you are amazingly supportive :) yep went in this morning, 9 eggs collected which I think is good. Watching a soppy movie and eating chocolate cake at the moment! Can't wait for transfer day!! xx

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