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Long haul flying after embryo transfer?

My first cycle didn't work and I'm due to start my next cycle at the end of July. I've actually got to go and give a conference paper in Chile at the end of August and I'm not sure whether I should try to postpone the treatment until after I get back.

Has anyone read anything about flying? I know that the lack of oxygen and water in the air isn't good, and that the air is recycled, which isn't great and lifting isn't good so part of me thinks I should postpone until September. But as I'm 41 (42 in December) I know that the delay could also affect my chances.

I wouldn't be flying just after embryo transfer but would be going out during the 2ww and then home after that.

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I think each clinic offer different advice. I wanted to go away after my first cycle for my 30th. I was going to be in the 2ww and my fertility doctor advised me not to go. She said she would prefer I was nearer the clinic in case of any complications and had to go in. Although I've read other people saying it's been ok for them, so I think it just depends on your clinic really 🙂

Good luck with your treatment xxx


Thank you. It is true that I'd rather be here if overstimulation of the ovaries occurred. I'm just worried that if I delay by a month, the clinic or further complications could delay things further. Thanks for your reply.


Your welcome 🙂I'd maybe give your clinic a call just to see what their advice would be. Xxx


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