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8dp5dt - feeling irritable today


Is it all over? Feeling irritated and tense though trying not to. Determined not to test early.

No other symptoms today - after feeling a bit nauseous yesterday and feeling crampy on days 1-5 with mildly sore bbs on days 5 and 6 and less today. Can't help thinking this isn't a good sign. Will try to get my positive hat back on but it's hard. Hope you are all well and enjoying the breeze. Xx

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I know how you are feeling. I'm not even as far along as you (transfer was Sunday, so assuming Monday counts as day 1 I'm only 4dp5dt) and already feel convinced it is over. Am so busy and stressed at work (no option to take time off) and convinced that my stress levels mean I've ruined our chances... so yes, know what you mean about it feeling hard to find your positive hat. If you do work out how to find it, please let me know!

Hi London, yes I think that's Day 1 or at least that's how I've been counting. I wish I'd worked in a way to keep me busier - less time to think about it all. All this sitting around isn't good. I'm at my mums and her and my auntie don't stop talking which isn't as restful as I thought but I've calmed down now. Needed to rant a little on here. Not necessarily got my positive hat on but feeling calmer at least. Whatever will be will be. But yes do let me know too if you find yours xx

Hi! Try not to worry lovely...in the same boat! Sore boobs disappeared after a couple of days after transfer - have had cramping on & off but just a general heavy feeling now....

I'm glad I've been at work this week but now off. Arranged to work from home next week so will be here on test day....getting nervous now! Xx

Hi Pumpkin, I think it shows we are all different. Glad you can relax a bit now. Not too long til test day - mine's Monday. At least the weekend is coming and it's cooled down a bit. Try not to worry and to enjoy your time off. I keep saying to myself that worrying won't change anything and then worry some more lol xx

I had no symptoms apart from cramping that felt like af was on its way. I've not had anything with boobs and I'm 17weeks tomorrow. Try to keep your spirits up x

Thank you Emma. That's encouraging. Congratulations on your 17 weeks - that's fabulous! Fingers crossed we will soon be on that part of the journey too. Am feeling a lot better now. Good luck with your remaining weeks xx

Don't give up. I had things going on the first few days after FET then it all calmed down to nothing for a couple of days until boom!!! Feeling sick, different twinges to before and very tearful.

I did my test early today and there is definitely a faint line there. 😬😬 Got to test again in the morning to be sure.

Keep strong, fingers crossed xx

Thanks Hun. I'm away at my mums at the mo but am planning to test on Sunday when back with OH and the day before beta. First of all you want the OTD to come around but now it's getting closer I almost want to stay in ignorant bliss. Good luck with your second test tomorrow - got my fingers crossed for you xx

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