Think it's all over πŸ˜”

Well was sitting happily at work had some cramps all morning but just thought was normal. Then sudden gush of blood. Got home pronto. Filled a pad within the hour then a big clot. GP said to go to A&E.

Just got home but no answers yet. Sat there for four hours had bloods. Probably have a scan Monday or Tuesday.

I know for sure it's over especially after the clot. Dunno how I'm gonna get through another miscarriage. Have no idea how people do this multiple times πŸ˜” xx

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  • Please please be reassured this can happen and everything is okay. I was in hospital in Saturday night after what my husband describes as a Texas chain saw massacre. This was partly because I was sorting through all my clots to find any tissue matter. I went to early pregnancy clinic at my local hospital. Kept me in and scanned the next day... my remaining bean was beating away. You can easily have a heavy bleed.. especially with ivf. There are also places which will scan you on a Saturday if you can't wait. Xxx

  • I'm not holding out much hope. Just passed more clots but at least cramps have eased now πŸ˜” xx

  • I don't want to give you false hope but I passed perhaps 8 or 9 clots. It was just a bleed, it wasn't my second one passing either as it's still there just not viable as it has an irregular sac. I was told that they thicken your lining so much during ivf... this was a fet for me, that these things happen. I have got cronic morning sickness and that didn't go away. So I had a gut feeling it would be okay. I have had lots of symptoms... I don't know if you have had many but I still felt pregnant. Thinking of you. Xxx

  • Thank you I really hope it's the same for me. Hubby is hoping so much it's my lining too. I have no symptoms yet but only just 6 weeks xx

  • Did they check that your uterus was closed still? Whilst I know it doesn't give a true reflection it can give you hope. I am in the Midlands and there is a lovely little clinic who do transvaginal scans on Saturdays and Sundays. They cost 80 pounds. I was 6 weeks when it happened to me. I was getting strong symptoms because I think there was 2 embryos implanted and my hcg levels were extremely high. Xx

  • I had no examination at A&E whatsoever. Waited four hours just for bloods. But they were very nice so I can't moan. I can't seem to find many clinics that do it at 6 weeks. Last time I had no symptoms at all and then went for my 8 weeks scan and I heart beat so terrified that it's happening like that again xx

  • I am sorry. A & E isn't the place for this sort of thing. I stomp my feet at everything to get my own way which is appreciate isn't everyone's approach. But nhs do scan at the weekend. They will probably be awkward and say you aren't an emergency but where there is a will there is a way. The other thing I was told that if my bleeding continued heavily over 24 hours then that would be quite worrying. If it was a sudden whoosh and it stopped then I could be cautiously optimistic. I don't know if you are still bleeding but i thought I would mention it. Xx

  • Yeah I did think A&E probably would be a bit pointless but as the dr to me to go I thought I better really.

    At the moment I just have a bit of brown blood on wiping like the end of a period so I'm hoping so much that it's finished and there might be a glimmer of hope there.

    When I had my miscarriage last time I had contraction pains and the pain was something I've never felt before. This time it's more period cramps although I don't have it now but don't know whether if it is a miscarriage it would be less pain coz the size is less. Who knows! It's all so scary xx

  • I was lucky that they bypassed A and E. I also had cramps. Like you I wouldn't say they were super bad. If it's calmed down then that's a good sign. I am still getting old blood a week on. I genuinely think there is space for positivity in your situation. I know it sounds very call the midwife but I have rested this week... even though nothing will stop a miscarriage, I just felt I needed to give my body a chance. I know you have had an awful experience before so you are well aware of all the negatives so it's a really hard situation. Xxx

  • I'm just keeping everything crossed. At least I have a little bit of hope now just hope it comes true and everything is fine xx

  • Hun I don't want to give u false hope but my friend had massive clots of blood pass with both her pregnancies and she has 2 very healthy can happen. Sorry u have to endure this worry. Big hugs xxx

  • Thanks. Not feeling too positive just passed two more clots. Can't see it being ok xx

  • Oh Hun, it is such a worrying time-can u see if u can get in somewhere private tomoro for a scan to at least try to put your mind at rest? I think a lot of private places are open til at least lunchtime do if u rang around 1st thing? X

  • I think I'm gonna try and wait til Monday. Bleeding has gone to nothing now so I'm hoping that's a good sign and just ring my clinic and see what they say xx

  • No false hope here.... could you be having twins? Could one have sadly passed? There have been lots of stories where a bleed is unexplained. I won't say don't worry because you are only human.

    Has the bleeding stopped, do you feel unwell or have a temperature?

    Keep the water intake up and rest as much as possible

    Wishing you luck for your scan x

  • I had one embryo transferred which I know could end up being twins but wouldn't know.

    Just had two more clots pass and now the cramps have eased and the bleeding has a little too. I feel fine other than slight cramps.

    Not holding out much hope xx

  • How are you doing? x

  • Rubbish. This journey is so so hard. Pain has eased off a bit but dreading the scan next week. Watching Friends to try and distract myself xx

  • Friends is always a good call. Do you have to wait a week? What about an earlier scan. Tomorrow is a new day...I've everything crossed for you dxx

  • They will ring Monday to either go in then or Tuesday so not too long really but just wanna know for sure xx

  • The waiting in this game is the hardest part. Extra waiting you didn't expect is a total pain. Big love xx

  • Thanks. Hope your doing ok xx

  • Oh I so hope not!! It's hard to say if bleeding is a bad thing cause I've heard lots of different stories!! Big hugs and fingers crossed for you!!xx

  • ❀️ just love and hugs

  • Keeping everything g crossed for youπŸ€žβ€πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  • Oh dear poor u sorry to hear about this. Take rest πŸ™πŸ™

    Big hugs

  • So sorry to read this!

    How are you doing today??

  • I'm ok at the moment just hoping so much it's not gone. Bleeding isn't really there this morning but once I get moving it might start again. Keeping everything crossed xx

  • You just rest as much as you can today. Thinking of you with much love xx Are you getting scanned early next week?

  • Thank you. I should be scanned Monday or Tuesday xx

  • Have everything crossed for you xxx

  • Sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself as best you can xx

  • Thinking of you and hoping everything turns out ok xx

  • So sorry this is happening to you Hun but I really hope it turns out ok, a good friend of mine had two at 5 weeks and one at 11 and everything was ok and they couldn't explain it. He's now a super cheeky 2 1/2 year old so I hope it's the same for you xxx

  • I so so hope that is the case for me. My mind is going into overdrive xx

  • I hope so too πŸ™πŸ» Xx

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