BFP πŸ€—

So after an agonising 2ww where i was sure i would test early,i made it to my OTD which was Monday, i woke up at 5am and took the test & it was positive (WOWSERS),couldnt belive my eyes so did 2 more tests all so excited and amazed it worked first time.... really cant believe it still...on to the next worry of holding on to little embie till 6 wk scan on 21st June

Wishing everyone else loads of luck x

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  • Congratulations! I love hearing the success stories on their first cycle πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ x

  • Thankyou and goodluck to you x

  • Huge congratulations 😊 all the best for a healthy pregnancy. Good luck for your scan xx

  • Thanks so much and goodluck on your journey x

  • Congratulations to you both, very happy news!! Wishing you a safe and healthy 9 months xx

  • Thankyou best of luck to you x

  • Congratulations. Lovely news! x

  • Thankyou & goodluck x

  • Congratulations xx

  • Thankyou best of luck x

  • Congratulations! Xx

  • Thanks goodluck to you x

  • Congratulations, lovely news 😊

  • Thankyou all the best to you x

  • Congratulations xx

  • Thanks goodluck x

  • Well done 😊 X

  • Thanks x

  • Yey!!!!!! Congrats! xx

  • Thankyou x

  • CONGRATULATIONS and best of luck moving forward! xx

  • Thanks x

  • Congrats. First cycle too. That gives me hope and love these stories. Good luck for rest of it xxx

  • Congratulations so happy for you. How would you describe the whole ivf cycle?

  • Thankyou ... tough but amazing x

  • Congratulations hope u have a happy and healthy pregnancy x

  • Thankyou x

  • Congratulations! πŸ™Œ wishing you a safe pregnancy and on the other hand, I like a shot of BFP news at least once/week to keep me focused and positive on this 2nd cycle🚼🚼🌈

  • Thanks x

  • Massive congratulations xx

  • Thanks x

  • πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» congratulations sweet xx

  • Congratulations!!

  • Thanks x

  • Congratulations to you!

  • This is brill news, all the very best emden6!xx

  • Thankyou x

  • Congratulations, Lovely news xx

  • Thanks x

  • Congratulations lovely news ive got my scan same day as you im 5 weeks 3 days xx

  • Best of luck for your scan...feels like its ages away hoping it comes round quick x

  • Congratulations fantastic news best wishes for a healthy pregnancy xx

  • Thankyou x

  • Congratulations! Lovely news xxx

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