2ww and being off work

Hi. I'm currently on my 4th round. I have been to the hospital today and been told I'm ready for my transfer next Friday. I was wondering if anone has taken the 2 ww off and would a gp sign you off?

For my other 3 attempts I have had a few days off and went back to work. I work in a nursery and I feel like my work may be to hard with the long days and carrying children. Has any one else had the 2ww wait off and felt it made a difference. I'm just trying to give myself the best try. Don't know how much more rejection I can take.

Thanks. X

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  • I would definitely take the 2ww off if you can. I did and felt it definitely helped. Work gave me 3 days 'free' so to speak (we only get 8 days paid hol a year),I then took the other 2 days of that week from.my sickness allowance and took the 2nd week off on holiday. I know not everyone can but felt it gave me the best chance. I'm now nearly 13 wks pregnant 😊. Good luck with everything xx

  • Hi Jenkins89. That's one for your GP to answer I think. Some will sign you off for "medical procedures" for a few days, and you can always self-certify for 5 if you want. Some take some of their annual leave. anyhow, I hope all goes well with this cycle and for a positive result. Hope you can sort some time off satisfactorily. Diane

  • I'm on my 2ww now for first time and I'm off work. I'm loving it and glad it did as I have stressful job as a social worker. I'm loving the time off and definitely feel relaxed.

    I don't know if it will help and took it as annual leave but didn't ask my GP and would love to know if this is posssible.

    I am worried that if I need to go through this again I would have no holidays left until after January 2018.

  • I'm taking 2 weeks off for when I have my 2ww

    I asked my gp little while back and she was horrible and rude (see post ages ago I wrote). She said I wasn't able to be sign off as wasn't sick and unable to work, but I may see another doctor and ask one more time when it's actually nearer if not I'm using my holiday as lucky I've still got lots left because I carried them over from last year, wishing you lots of luck on your cycle cx

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