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Appointment next week after our IVF Session, what to expect?

Hello, I'm new to this. Me and my Husband attended an IVF session last week and in our information pack we were given an appointment date which is next week, whoop whoop!!! I don't really know what this next appointment is for exactly, I assume it's to discuss the next step. Does anyone know how long after this appointment the whole IVF process starts? I feel quite lucky to have got an appointment so early because a few of the other couples that also attended the IVF session said that their appointment isn't till October 2017 time.

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Hi. Have you given blood or had a early cycle scan yet?

We had an appointment where we met with the consultant who reviewed the amh and swimmer results and was looking to discuss what protocol we would go on.

Took a few months from initial appointment and tests for me to start as needed to get to the right time in my cycle.


Hi emmab178,

Thank you for your reply.

I've not given blood recently nor have I had an early cycle scan. Maybe this is what the appointment is for next week to discuss the next steps. Basically I've got polycystic ovaries (classed as short protocol) and earlier this year, I was on Clomid and Metformin but had no success hence why we are now going down the IVF or ICSI route. We've been given all the relevant information regarding this. We have also been given consent forms which need to be filled out for our next appointment next week, not long to wait now :)

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Maybe that's what it's for and to schedule the other tests.

You have to have an up to date I think hepatitis and HIV test as all the embryos will be in the same storage area. Also smear needs to be in date.

My clinic did a baseline scan at about 3 days into my cycle to check ovary position, count follicles and check if there were any cysts.

Also had amh (they preferred to get results from lab in Scotland rather than mine that had been done in London) and swimmer sample repeated which is where we learnt hubby's second sample (even though nhs tests said it was OK) wasn't great and we were told we should go for icsi.

Hopefully it's to get all these tests out of the way and start planning the cycle. I took my last six month cycle dates with me which helped them plan the protocol dates out as I was pretty regular.

Fingers crossed you are well on the way.


Hi emmab178,

Thanks for the information :) I appreciate it.


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