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Pregnancy with blocked tube??

Hi ladies,

I hope everyone is well.

I recently found out my second cycle failed. So left with the hope that maybe I'll fall naturally one day. The problem is I have had one tube removed due to hydrosalpinx, and the other tube has been left inside me but I was told it's also blocked. Apparently not with a hyrdo though, just scar tissue

. So doc told me I would need ivf as it's highly unlikely I will fall naturally. My question is has anyone else been told that they can't fall because of blocked tubes and have actually fallen naturally? I really hope thwre a chance still! Thanks ladies xxxx

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Hi Becky,

I've got the same as you, but I've had my remaining tube clipped December just gone and awaiting to start my 2nd cycle of ivf in July,

I had a failed cycle in 2011 which I then had a lap which they found the hydrosalpinx he removed that tube and clean the other said try for 6 months if nothing then have the hsg but I just have up for 5 years & Jan 2016 I decided to give it another go went to my doctor then had my hsg in June they made me have another lap on Dec which they found my other tube was no good due to hydrosalpinx but rather than remove they just clipped it,

So I have have ivf as an option,

Hopefully you get your dream before the ivf route, good luck on your journey 🍀⭐️🍀xx

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