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So iv just been for my second stimming scan and I have some sizes around the 20 mark and some around the 15/16, they are not too sure if I should go for egg collection on Wednesday or Friday, but will receive a call today. Just some questions!

1. The cluster of follicules around the 15/16 do you think they will contain mature eggs?

2. Do follicules contuine to grow after trigger shot?

3. Do the follicues which are mature become over mature?

I know I should have asked my clinic these questions but I thought of them after!

Any replies would make me happy!!

Thank you xxx


I'm ready for egg collection on Wednesday..arghhh

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Hi hunny. Good luck for your collection! Mine definitely got bigger after the trigger. And I remember they told me the bigger they are the more likely they are to contain mature eggs. Make sure you drink lots and LOTS so you are at less risk of OHSS. Good luck again! Xx


Hey, good news that things are coming along nicely. So in answer to some of your questions, only around 80% of follicles contain eggs (or so I was told), my clinic wont book egg collection until the lead ones are at least 18mm, yes they can continue to develop after trigger. Im not sure about follciles becoming too mature but they still have a good way to grow before they would be too big, I think around 18mm to 30mm is a mature follicle. Hope this helps and best of luck for collection. You could always double check your questions with your clinic when they ring you with your egg collection date.xx


Hi NDE1987. Hope your scan goes/went well today. In answer to your questions: 1) Follicles need to be 17mm or more to be able to contain eggs. 2) Yes, but the trigger shots releases eggs into the follicles that are big enough, after that, no more eggs will be released even if the others continue to grow. 3) The scans you have are done to monitor that, so if they are ready to collect from, that's when they will collect then, usually the following day. If left too long, the leading one will "pop" and maybe some others will too, so then they might collect what they can and fertilise them and freeze, or abandon the cycle. Hope that helps. Diane


Thanks ladies! Your replies have put my mind at ease. They did say that they prefer them to be over 17, but I'm borderline! I'm more than happy to stim for longer but I think they were concerned about the leading follicules xx


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