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Day 7 after transfer and feels like my period is going to come, I have a little bit of blood

day 7 after transfer and it feels like I'm going to get my period, I have a little bit of blood when I wipe but is not a true period yet, I have had this since this morning. I'm on pessaries twice a day and the hrt pill 3 times a day. I did a test this morning. Anyone else had this and ended up with a positive, is my period going to come now, feels like its the end to this cycle. Is it when my body wants to come on but im still taking all the medication that im not coming on properly, Any advice would be great x

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.....my test was negative this morning


It's too early to test... I'm 10dp3dt today and yesterday I had speckles of blood when I wiped.

I posted here yesterday and got advice that it could be implantation bleeding or my cervix iratated by the pessaries.

Are you still bleeding? xx


oh its horrible going through all this. Everybody seems to get symptoms but there body is different so you can't tell if your going to get the outcome the last person did. Spose its just a hang on in there for us all and good luck to everyone xx

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I don't think I've had symptoms... keep positive xx


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