Injection time - reality

Injection time - reality

So this is Day 2 of taking injections in my first cycle.

Yesterday there was so much build up and I didn't know what to expect. Found it difficult to make up the injections yesterday but today was bit easier and knew what to expect.

What I didn't expect is the sting you feel when the fluid is going in and the swollen stomach afterwards.

All of the physical things really affect you emotionally and my husband has been away this weekend so been starting this on my own. Can't wait for him to be home to share the next injection.

It is exciting to finally start the journey. The next few weeks will be busy but hopefully will be worth it!

Hope everyone else ok!

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  • all I would say is it definitely gets easier. Like many things starting is the hardest part and you've done that bit now! I did the first week on my own then OH took over. I found it easier if someone else did them and psychologically less painful as didn't have to watch the needle go in. Alternate sides and place of injection too. I ended up bruised but it soon disappeared. Keep focused on the end result! Good luck xx

  • Well done hun for doing the injections. One brave cookie. Specially with ur hubby away bet u miss him. It will be wonderfull for u to share the emotions with him when he returns n u can get lots of hugs n kisses off him.Im so trrified of needles even though i have had many blood tests but even then i freak out. Xxxx

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